Renown – Basic Guide

For those nakeds seeking glory and maybe even some renown this guide is for you.

Guide to Basics

Basic Movement

Movement in Renown is much like other games. The default controls involve using as WASD control system.

  • W to go forward.
  • A to move left.
  • D to move right.
  • S to move backwards like the yellow coward you are.
  • Space is to jump.
  • Control is to crouch.
  • V is to dodge. This will allow a small jump in the direction you are moving but uses a lot of stamina.

Camera Control

In Renown mouse movement is going to be the way to look around and where you aim your attacks.

Looking in directions will as move the location of your head. This matters when it comes to dodging attacks.

  • To change between 1st and 3rd person press P.
  • Currently there is a way to free look using Left Alt.

Melee Combat – The Basics

For melee combat there are two types of settings you can have. One being the default setting using your keyboard to determine what type of attack you are using. The other being directional combat as you would use in games similar to Mount and Blade: Warband.

To change to directional attack; go into your settings. Find Gameplay, then tick the box that says Use Direction Attacks.

  • Left click is a standard side attack.
  • Mouse wheel forward is a stab.
  • Mouse wheel back is a overhead.

  • Using the Left Alt key will allow you to do a reverse of these attacks. For example instead of swinging from the right you will swing from the left. The overheads and entirely overhead and more so from above and slightly to the side. The alternative attack from this is still just an over head.
  • You can also use your Mouse 4 and Mouse 5 Buttons to alternate your primary and secondary attacks.
  • To kick use F.
    Kicks cant be blocked. They don’t do a large amount of damage but will push your opponent away for you.
  • To bash press C.

A bash will damage some very little. It is basically you hitting someone with the pommel or handle of your weapon. It has no push back and can be blocked.

Blocking is probably the most important thing in this game. It is a timed block. You can not hold block forever and each block you take will lower your stamina.

  • To block press Right Mouse Button.

Its very important you get use to timing your block. If you block to early your block will finish before the attack comes and you will be unable to block in time. If you block to late your opponent’s attack will hurt.

Stamina plays a role in this game. Every time you jump, attack, block, kick, etc your stamina will drain. Your stamina regenerates slowly overtime so it is advise when low on stamina to back away from your opponent. Unless you know he is low on stamina.

If your stamina is about to drain and you block an attack that takes your stamina you zero you will collapse exhausted for a brief moment unable to move, attack, or block. This leaves you open to being attacked again by your opponent. If you survive this exhaustion state you will regenerate 30% of your stamina instantly.

  • Press the End key to end your life.

Melee – Advanced

So you’ve figured out the basics of melee and want to improve.

Something you can do is a feint. A feint is a fake attack in which you hope your opponent tries to block the fake attack allowing you to swing immediately after your feint as your opponent will not be able to block again in time.

To feint press Q before your attack goes through.

One of my favourite feints to do is to down stab, feint, down stab again. This will catch the vast majority of people off guard allowing you to get some damage in.

Another tactic key to success is dragging. Your weapon does damage the whole way through the swing. From the beginning to the end. A drag can either be a fast drag or a slow drag. I find slow drags more effective and easier to do.

An example of dragging is when you would attack with a right swing. However before the swing connects you turn the direction you swung. So in this case you turn to your right. The swing is still coming but you have slowed its arrival. This will cause your opponent to block early expecting the attack to land already. This makes timing very important.

Dragging fast is useful if both you and your opponent swung at the same time and you want to get your hit off first to stagger. Turning into the direction your sword is swinging towards speeds up the attack.

Distance baiting is another effective strategy. Keep at the end of the range of your opponents weapon. When they swing step back out of range and begin your swing. After their swing has gone past step back into range and hit them. They shouldn’t have time to block if you timed it right.

When fighting more than one opponent be mindful that your attacks can hit multiple people at once. A tactic for fighting two people is positioning. Try to keep an opponent between you and the other opponent(s).

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