Away: The Survival Series – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions about AWAY’s gameplay and release! We won’t address any specific plot points or story beats, so read on without fear of spoilers.

What is AWAY? Is it an open world?

  • AWAY is an adventure game where you embark on a sugar glider’s journey to save his family. It is not open world; the story is told sequentially. However, there are plenty of moments where you can explore off the main path to discover new animals, find hidden artifacts, complete side quests, and unlock new skills — including a free roam section after the glider’s story is completed!

When is the release date?

  • AWAY is set to release on 09/28/2021.

How long is the game?

  • Approximately 4-8 hours of gameplay.

What other animals will I be able to control in the game?

  • Besides our main sugar glider, you’ll get to control other creatures such as beetles, lizards, crabs, and more…

How will the playable animals work?

  • You can play as other animals in some of AWAY’s side quests. Outside of these side quests, you can also “possess” other creatures in the wild by finding and consuming rare blue mushrooms. This can come in handy to access areas of the world that you couldn’t as the sugar glider.

What biomes are in the game?

  • The sugar glider’s journey will take you through a wide variety of environments, including forests, caverns, swamps, and more…

What is the narrator’s role in the story?

  • Just like a nature documentary, AWAY’s narrator follows your adventures through the wild. In David Attenborough-esque fashion, he will often share useful information about your surroundings as you explore the world around you. But he will also warn you about dangerous enemies and shed some light on your mysterious findings…

I have a lower-end PC, can I adjust the graphics settings?

  • Yes. You can set the screen resolution and the graphical fidelity in-game. We offer several quality settings, from the lightweight *Low* to the hyper-realistic *Documentary Mode*.

What controls will the game support?

  • AWAY will support Keyboard / Mouse and controllers.

Will there be achievements?

  • Yes!

Will there be translations to other languages?

  • Yes! AWAY’s subtitles will be available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Is it VR compatible?

  • No, VR is not supported. However, we might release some bonus VR content after the game’s launch! Let us know if you’d be interested.
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