I Am Fish – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Key Product Info

  • 13 Level + 1 Bonus Level.
  • 4 Playable Characters.
  • Different mechanics and individual puzzles for each fish.
  • Original score for every character.
  • Controller + Mouse & Keyboard support.
  • Two different control scheme difficulty levels.

Steam Specific

What are the early adopter bonus items for I Am Fish?

  • Purchase I Am Fish on Steam-only before 30th September to receive the Original Game Soundtrack, a Set of Wallpapers and a Digital Artbook at no extra cost. From 16th September the Soundtrack will be available to purchase separately from Steam. The wallpapers and artbook will not be available after 30th September.

Where do I find my wallpapers and digital artbook?

  • If you have purchased the game on Steam before 30th September you will receive the Digital Art Book and wallpapers as a gift. In your steam library, right click on I Am Fish, select manage, browse local files, and inside the extra content folder, you will find the artbook and wallpapers. 


What are the display specifications for I Am Fish?

The game supports the following resolutions / framerates:

  • Xbox One > 720p > Up to 30 FPS
  • Xbox One S > 720p > Up to 30 FPS
  • Xbox One X > 1080p > Up to 30 FPS
  • Xbox Series S > 1080p > 30 FPS
  • Xbox Series X > 4K > 30 FPS
  • Windows 10 > 4K > 60 FPS
  • Steam > 4K > 60 FPS

PC Specs

Minimum Specification


  • Intel Core i5-3470 (4 * 3200) or equivalent
  • AMD FX-4350 (4 * 3400) or equivalent


  • Radeon RX 460 (4096 VRAM)
  • GeForce GTX 960 (4096 VRAM)
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Disc space: Around 12 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 x64

Recommended Specification


  • Intel Core i7-6700 (8 * 3400) or equivalent
  • AMD Ryzen 7 1500X (4 * 3500) or equivalent


  • GeForce RTX 2060 Super (6144VRAM)
  • Radeon RX 5700 XT (8192 VRAM)
  • RAM: 12 GB
  • Disc space: Around 12 GB
  • OS: Windows 10 x64

Advice and Tips

Our default control scheme is the most accessible one. Should you find yourself not able to control the fish you might have activated the “Bossa Style” control scheme accidentally (which is controller exclusive). It’s way more challenging to control the fish with it. We’d recommend the default scheme for your first playthrough.

If you should ever be stuck in a level you can always skip checkpoints. This will affect your final scoring but allow you to proceed should a puzzle be too challenging.

After you have played through all Goldfish levels you will be able to play all the other fish. You don’t have to play them sequentially. You’re free to explore them however you want!

Not all breadcrumbs can be collected in one go. Multiple paths lead back to the ocean. Feel free to explore the levels and try out different routes. The most straightforward route is not always the easiest!

R on keyboard or Y/Δ on controller lets you immediately respawn at your last checkpoint. Keep in mind that every respawn counts towards your score!

Patches, Updates and Issues

Patch Notes History

Bossa Studios is continuing to work hard on improving the game and we continue to be very grateful for all the support and feedback from our players.

Known Issues

Steam/Win 10 – Black particles effect with certain GPUs.

  • Enable the ‘NaN Compatibility’ option within the Settings > Video menu > restart the game after enabling it.

Steam/Win 10 – Game launches on the wrong monitor.

  • Set the game (via the Settings menu) to display on monitor 1.
  • All – Flying Fish 3 – Progress Blocker
    There may be no suitcases on the conveyer belt.
  • All – Missing characters in in-game dialogue subtitles (JP/CH/KO/RU)
    Will be fixed with the next patch. 
  • All – Bonus Level – Partial Blocker – Skipping to the 2nd Checkpoint causes a pathway door to be permanently shut.
    After the issue occurs, the Goldfish can continue progressing on the other side of the door until reaching the next Checkpoint where the user can respawn all the fish together.
  • Win 10 – Achievements do not unlock whilst the PC is disconnected from Xbox Live.
    Stay connected to Xbox Live.
  • All – Iron Fish mode – respawning affects the Start score, which is unfair for this mode
    Manually restart the level if you respawn in Iron Fish mode and if you’re trying to get a perfect Star rating.
  • All – Tutorial level is skipped if the user quits during it or backs out at the Controls selection screen
    Don’t quit the tutorial or navigate back from the Controls selection screen.
  • All – Pufferfish 3 – Mosh pit NPCs might trap the user into a corner and block progress.
    Avoid the mosh pit NPCs.
  • All – Flying Fish 1 – Blue crate near a Bread collectible may flip the fish’s bucket upon contact.
    Avoid the blue crate.
  • All – Flying Fish 3 – Fish bowl may break when falling from a low height as part of the normal progress path
  • All – Piranha 2 – Fish may detach from seagull without input
  • All – How to use “Special Ability” prompt is in English only.
  • All – Xbox & PS buttons are in English only.
  • All – No momentum when jumping out of moving vehicle.
    Don’t rely on the movement of the vehicle itself for momentum during jumps.
  • Xbox One/Xbox Series – Aquarium/Space Ship – Fish selector has corrupted text font.
  • Steam – Game does not pause when the Steam Overlay is invoked.
    Pause the game before invoking the Steam Overlay.
  • Steam / Win 10 – Lack of keyboard & mouse support for Bossa Standard controls is not explicitly clear.
    Have a controller plugged into the PC before launching the game.
  • Xbox Series – The game may not respond to controller input within the ‘Press Any Button’ screen.
    If the controller inputs do not work in game then a hard reset of the console is required to resolve this issue.
  • All – Pufferfish 3 – Greg starts with a stomach full of acid if the Pufferfish uses its Special Ability whilst flying into Greg’s cup
    Avoid activating the Pufferfish’s Special Ability whilst flying into Greg’s cup

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