Chex Quest HD – 100% Full Achievement Guide

100% Completion Guide for Chex Quest HD.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Fist Mission

You Have Huge Flems

  • Zorch a flemoid. You did it!

It’s just kill send the enemy to another dimension with your Zorcher (the first weapon).

Once the game starts look for this door in the area you are in.

Inside the room there will be an enemy – Zorch him! And get the achievement. Right after pressing the switch behind the enemy to open another door, a cutscene will appear indicating where a door was opened. This is a step towards the next achievement.

I’ll Be Seeing You At

  • Read a Terminal

After going through the new door that was opened, go straight ahead until you reach where there are two enemies at an intersection, defeat them and turn left and press the panel and then click on the terminal to get the achievement.

One of many…

  • Open a door.

You have to open a door with a key.

When you reach the area where there is the second spaceship look for the blue door, it cannot be accessed at the moment as you need the key, so go left to the elevator and activate the switch that will open the spaceship where you will find the key to the blue door. Open the blue door and get the achievement.

Select Coop (it will work in single-player)

Spoon and Zorch!

  • Pickup a Bootspork

For this one it’s easy to select the coop mode, it will work without a second player like a single-player match. Choose NaCl 96 character and try to find this switch in the arena (there are 4 possible spots that it can appear) and press it, when the door opens maybe will have the Bootspork, if its not there restart and try again until you find it.

Finish The Game Achievements

Oh no!

  • Complete the single-player game.

It’s Over BFG 9000!

  • Complete every character’s story.

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