Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart – 100% Full Achievement / Trophy Guide

100% achievement guide for Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart.

How to Obtain All Achievements / Trophies


I learnt this the hard way but make sure you do all the achievements under one profile otherwise you will not get the ‘Ruler O’ The Seas’ achievement.

Two playthroughs are required to 100% the game. One for completing all the hidden object scenes and the other for all the mahjong games.


  • Pirate Language: Impressive work, mate, ye finished that game in under a minute!
  • English: Finish any Minigame in less than 1 minute.

Lucky Roll

  • Pirate Language: Three games and zero skips–the odds certainly be in yer favor now!
  • English: Finish 3 Minigames in a row without skipping.

Rule O’ Three

  • Pirate Language: All 3 in 3 seconds? Ye see pretty good for a bloke with an eyepatch!
  • English: Find 3 Hidden Objects within 3 seconds.


  • Pirate Language: Ye got that one in under a minute. Not one ta waste time, are ye?
  • English: Finish any Hidden Object Scene in less than 1 minute.


  • Pirate Language: Seems “3” is yer lucky number, ‘ey, matey!
  • English: Complete 3 Hidden Object Scenes without using a hint.

Unburied Treasure

  • Pirate Language: Ho, matey! All those cursed coins are now yers. Nicely done!
  • English: Find all 12 doubloons.

Note: This is unmissable. You will get all 12 from the natural progression of the game.


  • Pirate Language: Ye barely made a mistake! Yer clickin’ hook’s as steady as they come.
  • English: Finish any Hidden Object Puzzle with no misclicks.

Nay, Skipper

  • Pirate Language: All games won without a skip! Ye sure ye never played this before?
  • English: Finish all Minigames without skipping.

Tile Time

  • Pirate Language: Ye take yer game playing serious. Ye beat that one in under a minute!
  • English: Finish a game of Mahjong in less than 1 minute.


  • Pirate Language: Three in a row without reshuffling! An admirable job!
  • English: Finish 3 games of Mahjong in a row without reshuffling.

Note: This is a bit difficult as the game will automatically reshuffle it for you when you run out of moves.

Mahjong First Mate

  • Pirate Language: Ye’ve left the first half o’ the Mahjong games in yer wake! Arr!
  • English: Finish half of all the games of Mahjong.

Mahjong Master and Commander

  • Pirate Language: Ye’ve finished all the games o’ Mahjong. Well played, sir!
  • English: Finish all the games of Mahjong.

Self-Guided Tour

  • Pirate Language: All o’ them without a hint? Guess ye ain’t the map-usin’ type…
  • English: Do not use/open the map.

Note: The game does not have fast travel so there’s no use for the map.

Aye, Captain!

  • Pirate Language: Ahoy! Ye bested the game, mate–or should I be callin’ ye Captain…
  • English: Finish the game on Expert Mode.

Note: You only have to play expert mode in one of your two playthroughs.

Ruler O’ The Seas

  • Pirate Language: Congratulations on plunderin’ every last Achievement, me bucko!
  • English: Complete every achievement.

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