Heroines of Swords & Spells – 100% DLC Walkthrough

Start a new game to select the DLC content.

Complete DLC Walkthrough

Story Quest: “The Gang’s All Here”

Goblin Cave

You will unlock the first Achievement right after you got control of your party.

Your goal is the 2nd floor of the left Black Swan Barracks where you can rest, too, but first search for loot.

  • Items (outside): Manashroom
  • Items (Black Swan Barracks): Guckberry, Old Hiking Cloak, 2 Coins, Old Gloves + 2 Lockpick

You cannot enter the hole your beaus have hidden…

  • If you take the Axe in the Black Swan Barracks, you will have to fight 2 Goblins.
  • But if you want to unlock a certain Achievement, you must not use a Healing Potion or Play in Story Mode for the whole game!!!
  • Best is to have better gear and a full before you try this!
  • You will obtain Axe and 1000 EXP.

Note: Reward EXP will be devided through your party members.

  • On the second floor (right) you can challenge a Goblin for the game Stone Heart. If you find him Ace Cards or a deck with rare OP card, you will obtain Rope, Water Breath Potion and Lockpicks (Trade and Exchange) as well as 1000 EXP.
  • Talk to the Granny to proceed the story and to obtain 500 EXP.
  • Now you can give her Coins in 2 Coins batches. You need to give her 30 Coins to unlock an Achievement and for 10 Coins she will tell you where to find the Chief’s Helment (see “Travel Notes”) and 1000 EXP.
  • Explore the cave more.

  • Items (cave): 2 Coins, Lockpick, Old Cap
  • Items (Stabber’s Barracks): Manashroom x2, 2 Coins x2, Old Club x2, Old Light Bracers

In the Stabber’s Barracks is a shop, ask him about the coffin.

You can also sell lockpicks for 10 coins to the blue haired goblin (Trade and Exchange).

  • Behind that barracks are 3 more too narrow tunnels.
  • Not that you are currenty not strong enough to fight even against spiders or bats.
  • But you can already defeat the slimes and then return to rest in the Swam Barracks for healing.
  • The monsters won’t respawn when you enter a house.

Ignore the Pocker goblin for a nice scene.

SW of their barracks is another too narrow tunnel.

Climb down the robe near the shamans to proceed the story.

  • Items (cave): 2 Coins, Manashroom x2

Right to the north you will meet Gheesha. Talk to her and she will join your party and to start the “Mushroom Enlightment” main quest. The Fane is just through the green door.

With Gheesha you have now a chance against Rats and Bats.

  • From the all monsters but slimes you will obtain Monster Meat (see Trade and Exchange).
  • To the south you will find Gloosha in trouble.
  • Boss Swishy-Slashy: Fight the spider, but after some damage, 2 more will appear.
  • Gloosha will join you and you obtain an Egghead’s Trap and 6000 EXP.
  • From now on you can enter the narrow caves. Start right next to this place.
  • Ignore the female goblin when you take a rest. Groonya will got drunk downstairs (but you can rest again).

Also the Astrologer’s Weeks start and more spider monsters will spawn below the shamans’ rope.

  • Rats: Rats’ stats + 25%
  • Scorpion: Scorpions’s stats +25%
  • Spider: Spiders’ stats +25%
  • Slime: Slimes’ (Frogcyclops’) stats +25%
  • Wasp: Wasps’ stats +25%
  • Bat: Bats’ stats +25%
  • Chicken

Mess Hall

Next to the Swan Barracks.

  • Items: Miner’s Pickaxe, Rope

  • Start cooking meat once you have 40 to unlock an Achievement. You will boil 4x Monster Meat (not from your inventory) the first time and obtain 3x Boiled Monster Meat (because there is someone eating asap to enter Might state). And she will eat another one.
  • Now you can cook in 1-5 per batch. Even then a certain someone will eat some.
  • Disturb the other 2 goblins (Trade and Exchange).
  • Now you can buy a comon booster pack (2 Coins), a rare booster pack (10 Coins) or Pretty pack cards from the remaining goblin.
  • Stone Heart Rules: Spider>Chief>Shaman
  • Buy 2 booster pack with OP cards.
  • Win with the OP card. Now want your money back and beat all 4 Goblins (best be level 4 and have luck).

Narrow Tunnel

Near Stabber’s barracks.

  • Items: Manashroom x5, Gloves, 2 Coins x3, Rope, Miner’s Pickaxe, Light Breastplate, Scroll of Light, Old Light Bracers, Dagger

  • The monsters won’t respawn here.
  • You will need to pay a 4 Coins toll to cross the bridge or beat him (or walk around or enter from another tunnel). When you beat him, he will break down the bridge.
  • Investigate the gate to the Chief’s House. You need the Chief’s Key and the lock is too difficult to pick with your current level.
  • Be healed before you set the trap for the scorpions. The first time a certain someone will trigger it so you need another one. Then you only have to defeat the remaining 2.
  • Talk to the Goblin in the north until you start the “Pumped up Goblins” secondary quest.

Egghead’s Hideout (NW Exit of Narrow Tunnels)

  • Items: Cap, Water Breathing Potion, Miner’s Pickaxe, Healing Potion, Dagger + Rope + Lockpick, Spyglass

Inquire about Egghead and “take” the Egghead’s Trap x2, Pelorus and defeat the 3 Goblins.

Defeat the Archer first. If you survive this battle you can try to obtain the Chief’s Axe.

  • Read the diary and find out how to make a blinding trap against your next Story Boss (Main Quest).
  • You will find the base of the Blinding Trap in the crate right next to it.
  • The Chest is too complicated to lockpick for now.

Underground Lake

Next to Egghead’s hideout.

  • Items: Small Shield, Potion of Energy, Manashroom

  • You need a Rope to reach the next level.
  • Wait until it is the Week of Frogcyclops before you engage the big one there to unlock an achievement. You can even use a trap to weaken it.
  • The Big Frogcyclops can regenarate a certain percentage of his 1250 HP and casts mass poison, dealing huge damage to the party.

Biff and Fillamug’s Den

NE exit of the narrow tunnels.

  • Items: Guckberry

Depending what you tell how many fingers are on one hand you have to pay 10 times the amount in Coins to learn an Axe Skill (you need an Axe first) and 6000 EXP. Best Answer: .

  • You can get 4x Gluckberry for a debt of 25 Coins – (1 Bottle = 5 Coins).
  • The Repair Goblin will be here after you have beaten him up and will repair all bridges for 20 Coins or you can beat him up again (you will then only have one chance left).

Scorpion Burrows

North exit of the narrow tunnels.

  • Items: Manashroom x3, Potion of Energy, Citrine (Pickaxe needed), Ring of Life, Healing Potion, Shirt, Guckberry, Small Shield +1

  • The gate is locked and might lead to behind Fillamug’s counter.
  • Use a trap to engage the Cave Scorpion.
  • Even with the trap it has still over 2000 HP left.
  • You will obtain the Cave Scorpion’s Stinger.

Story Quest: Descent into the Depths

Bat Tunnels

  • Items: Manashroom x4, Old Flail, Miner’s Pickaxe, Old Light Breastplate, Light Helmet, Healing Potion, Rowanberry

  • The monsters here won’t respawn.
  • The NW gab leads to the SW cave outside (near Pocker’s barracks).
  • Investigate the gate to Gmyrmork path.

The Path of the Choice (Gmyrmork’s Path)

  • Items: Old Hiking Cloak, Rope

  • Pull the lever and choose (Along the Goblin Path secondary quest).
  • Witty but Strong: Enter the Path of Strenght, defeat the enemies and collect Miner’s Pickaxe, Manashroom x3, Old Heavy Helmet, Heavy Boots, Citrine (Pickaxe needed) x2, Potion of Attack, Small Shield, 5 Coins, Hiking Cloak +1.
  • You need a Pickaxe to destroy the boulders and will obtain an Achievement when the Pickaxe breaks 10 times. The black boulders are stronger than the brown boulders (Miner’s Pickaxe will be enough).
  • You can leave the paths to heal.
  • Reach the totem and Gloosha and Gvaaha will learn a skill.
  • You obtain 10.000 EXP.
  • Now you can challenge both path at will when you investigate the lever.
  • Strong but Witty: Enter the Path of Wit, defeat the enemies and collect 2 Coins, Guckberry, Manashroom x2, Lockpick, 3 Coins, Potion of Freedom, Citrine (needs pickaxe), Shirt.
  • You stand before 3 levers (left, middle, right).
  • Push the levers to show to the same mushroom..
  • Light mushroom will vanish and you can reach the Ring of Life and Healing Potion.
  • Red mushroom will vanish (don’t smash the one blocking your way), opening the way to the Light Boots and the totem.
  • Gloosha and Gvaaha will learn a skill as well as pbtain 10.000 EXP.

Start of the new Story Quest.

Gmyrmork’s Fane

  • You can either pay 10 Coins or enter via another way (Achievement).

Chief’s House

  • Now you can enter.
  • Through the right door is the Chief’s Dwelling (“Sleeping Potion” main quest).
  • Be nice to the cook (name Jugg!) to progress the “Sleeping Potion” quest) and take a look into the mirror.

Goblin Cave

  • The east entrance to the cave is now available (see Trade and Exchange).
  • Give them the needed Guckberries to obtain 2 Water Breath Potions, Rope and 1000 EXP.
  • Collect the Manashroom.

At the west entrance beware the trap and find the Old Light Boots.

Give the guards another batch of Guckberries (see Trade and Exchange) and get to know their secret and obtain 1000 EXP.

Abandoned Shrine

Repair all bridges and cross a new one to unlock an Achievement.

  • Items: Hiking Cloak +1, Wizard Boots +1

  • Tend to the totem and Gheesha will learn a new skill.
  • Don’t forget to pay the repair goblin in the pub.

Four Peaks

  • Items: 2 Apples x2

The mobs won’t respawn.

  • You will need 4 Water Breathing Potions to dive into the lake.
  • But the chest is locked. Either you need a lockpick (doable) or break it.
  • Breaking it will damage the content of Dagger +1, Sorcerer’s Staff, Mace, Hunting Bow, Light Helmet, Light Breastplate, Robe, Wizard Boots, 3 Healing Potions, 2 Mana Potion and Potion of Attack. You will obtain 6000 EXP.
  • You cannot leave the peaks to the south, west.
  • Talk to the Goblin to obtain a Citrine.

The Summit

  • The chest is locked and to complicated.
  • Either pay a Guckberry toll to Leshy or climb the tree with a Rope.
  • If you pay the toll you can challenge Leshy.

Boss Leshy: Even drunk he has 3000 HP and will heal 300 per round. You won’t have a chance now.

Mountain Slant

Narrow tunnel.

  • Items: Lockpick, Manashroom x5, Guckberry, Citrine (Pickaxe needed), Light Boots +1, Light Helmet, 5 Coins, Potion of Courage, Wizard Boots

You need a Rope to proceed.

Northern Slope

  • Items: Apple x2, 3 Coins x3, Potion of Freedom, 2 Coins x2, Old Big Shield, 2 Apples x2, Old Mace, 5 Coins, Healing Potion, Old Heavy Breastplate, Light Boots +1 + Potion of Defence

  • Catch the goats.
  • Only when you got Granny’s clue: Chief’s Helmet

Bat Caves

East entrance.

  • Items: Potion of Attack & Miner’s Pickaxe, Healing Potion + Mana Potion, Wizard Gloves +1, Axe +1, Citrine (Pickaxe needed)

  • You can try to use a trap – but the Huge Bat is flying!
  • Boss Huge Bat: Get rid of the bats ASAP before you take down the 2000 HP strong boss.
  • Collect TP to use the Axe Cleave Skill to do additional DoT damage.
  • You will obtain the Bat Wing.

The Depths

West Entrance.

  • Items: Manashroom x4, Potion of Energy, Big Shield & Water Breathing Potion, Adventurer’s Diary (reading = 1000 EXP), Ring of Life, Light Bracers +1, Rafflesia Arnoldi Seeds, Herbal Remedy, Rope, Citrine (Pickaxe needed) x2, Light Helmet +1

The Darkness Elementals and Vampires are strong and can drain your MP. When you take the Rafflesia Arnoldi Seeds they combine their hunt of you and you have to fight a group of 8 enemies. So beat them before you touch the seeds.

Use a Rope to reach the lower level.

Look into the spyglass next to the golden statue (only proceed once all preparations are done).


Hidden at the lower level.

  • Items: Rope, Manashroom, 5 Coins x2, Water Breathing Potion, Wizard Cloak +1, Potion of Defense, Rowanberry, Heavy Bracers +1, Citrine (Pickaxe needed), Ring of Life

  • Have a chat with the Door Mimic.
  • Currently you have no right answer for its riddle.

Egghead’s Hideout

  • The Chief’s Helmet seems to be the final material for the Blinding Trap.
  • But wait until you can’t do anything more before you use it.
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