Hunt: Showdown – How to Steal Guns (Gun Thief Guide)

Going in without guns, stealing some from enemies, and letting them be revived.

Guide for Gun Thieves

The Basics

  • Make a loadout that has no guns, but can kill using tools/consumables. The quad derringer is highly advisable, because it can still kill with headshots and/or with three hits.
  • Find an enemy team to perform the gunthief on.
  • Kill players players but leave one alive (Kill 2 in trios, 1 in duos).
  • Steal the guns fast.
  • Hide and watch.
  • Kill the last gun holding enemy.
  • Have a teammate steal the 3rd’s guns too.
  • Run around the hostages and enjoy, dont get knifed or they will have guns again and revolt.

What Can Go Wrong

  • Teammate with guns could die and give enemies guns.
  • Frag Bombs could kill all people at once.
  • Enemies could find guns laying around on the ground/ in towers.
  • Enemies could find an random dead hunter with guns.
  • Another team will come and either kill the targets, or provide free guns for them.
  • Dead target can burn out if his teammate is scared (Dont burn).
  • Hostages may run away to the extracts/hide.

Loadout Variations

You could also bring weak weapons such as:

  • Romero starshell.
  • Handcrossbow chokebolt.
  • Handcrossbow chaosbolt.
  • Axe.

This way, you can pick the useless weapons up again after you’re done and perform the gunthief on multiple teams in a match. Also they enemies will have more stuff to do instead of just standing still and watching you.

Beware: chaosbolts and chokebolts can headshot you but it is really unlikely.

Starshells will burn you for 25hp and ignite you. But its worth it.

  • Tools: Knuckle Knife, Derringer, First Aid Kit + Throwing Knives/Flare Gun/etc.
  • Consumables: Frag Bomb (easy kill if bad with derringer).
  • Flash Bomb (helps safely steal guns).
  • Vitality Shots.

The Traits

  • Best specific gunthief Traits: Necromancer, Packmule, Frontiersman, Resilience.
  • Nice Traits: Doctor, Physician (can bring less vitality shots and instead bring frags etc).
  • Greyhound, Determination (the hostages can’t outrun you or catch you with their knife).
  • Personal Favorite: Dauntless (for some extra defusing fun).

Advanced Tactics

  • Burn bodies of teams that you can’t gunthief anymore, you dont want guns laying around.
  • If you found yourself in a scrapbeak location 🙁 F. Maybe you can shoot a world lantern next to the body.
  • If you know there is many bodies close, don’t attempt to gunthief they will go straight there. Go find a different location to do it.
  • Dont run close to corners, the hostages like to camp there with a knife.
Written by Gunthiefnix.ttv

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