Aragami 2 – Secrets Locations, Blueprints and Other Stuff

Small guide for secrets location and other stuff.

Guide to Secrets Locations, Blueprints and Other Stuff

Mission 0

Inside the lobby, there is 3 collectibles.

At the top of the tower (but blocked for me, maybe it will be unlocked with the story).

Mission 1

First location

Jump on the rock that is just i nfront, you’ll see the secret.

Second Location

Just behind the small shrine.

Third Location

Just under the elevator platform, on a ledge.

Mission 3

Only One Location

Near the target.

Mission 4


Near the destroyed house. Oroshi sword

First collectible

Under the big house at the end of the map.

Second collectible

Inside the tower at the beginning.

Mission 5

First collectible

In an house at the edge of the river.

Second collectible

On a cliff near the small island with the sakura tree.

Third collectible

At the top of the small tower at the big house.


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