Timberborn – All Building Shapes and Sizes Guide

Please note: all credit goes to von Boomslang!

Ever wondered what size is that building you don’t have unlocked yet, and thus can’t preview? So did I, and it frustrated me enough to make this guide.

Guide to All Building Shapes and Sizes


Starting with the obvious: Stairs and platforms. Before you ask, no, you cannot have stairs go up and turn at the same time, the lower and upper level have to be in a row.

Suspension bridges, however, are rather not obvious. For example, the 1×3 bridge pictured is designed to clear a gap 6 squares wide, by being built on both sides. Just like a stair piece, the anchor point will only connect to a path that’s in line with it.

To reiterate, the 1×3 bridge is 4 squares long, with the first square being an anchor you need to place on solid ground or a platform, and you need another 1 square past that to connect it to a path.

Steel platforms. The large one is only available to the Irontooths, and is a mighty five squares above where it was built.


The three floodgates are just increasingly deeper and deeper. The explosives factory is 2×4.


Small warehouse, large warehouse (which, yes, has a weird and useful T shape) and the Fairytail-only underground warehouse. Haven’t had opportunity to expertiment with that one yet.


The Builder’s Hut is 3×2, the Distribution Post is this weird 5×3 with two corners knocked off, and the Drop-Off Point is a 2×2.


The lodges of the Fairytails – note, very importantly, that the double and triple lodge have entrances on the second floor. These are in fact the issues that made me annoyed enough to start this guide.

The barracks of the Irontooths – much more utilitarian. Brutalist, even.


The 1×1 Measuring stick, the 1×2 water dump (note that back square has to be over empty space), and the irregularly shaped Large Water Tank, which fits on a 3×2 grid but has the entrance offset by one, making it this L shape. I really like it for the fact it lends itself nicely to being set one level up (especially at the edge of a large warehouse), with two platforms to support the tank and stairs leading up.


The Grist Mill is 3×2, the Bakery is 2×3, the Fairytail-only Irrigation Tower is 2×2 and affects a circular area shown by the path, while the also Fairytail-only beehive is 1×1 and affects the 7-wide square also shown by the path. Sure would have been nice to know when I was setting up my farms, grumble grumble.


Forester’s Hut is 2×2, Gear Factory is 2×3, Paper Factory is 3×2, and the Printing Press is 2×4. Keep in mind that you can attach power to any of their sides, or just hug them right next to one another.

Metal & Power

The Irontooth only Engine is 3×3, with the entrace in the middle of one side and the power output directly opposite. The vertical power shaft works as you’d expect, being 2 tall and connecting opposite sides. The Grinder is 2×3.

Both kinds of windmill are 1×1 but considerably larger above, meaning you can hug them close to low structures but not one another. Hadn’t experimented with best setups yet.


The temple is 5×5. The carousel is 5×6, including this 1×3 hut in the back, which is the part you can build on and have to hook power up to.


Roofs are what you’d expect. Statue and shrubs are 1×1. Benches also 1×1 but need a path connection, and they don’t offer anything for some reason (at he time of writing).

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