Blasted Road Terror – Basic Guide

Brief guide through world of Blasted Road Terror, explaining stats, vehicle classes, weapon types, mission modes.

Stats & Vocabulary

  • ARMOR – Reduces incoming damage, 1000 armor = 10% damage reduction & 1% deflect chance. Armor is capped at value 7500.
  • DEFLECT – Chance to deflect incoming attack.
  • DODGE – -Chance to dodge incoming attack entirely.
  • HP – Stands for hit points. If vehicle reach 0 it will blow up.
  • FURY – Represents fury shield. As long as this value is not at 0 you are reducing incoming damage by 50%. 
  • ATTACK POWER – Increases damage of your attacks.
  • CRIT CHANCE – Chance to land critical strike, critical strikes do *1.5 damage.
  • CRIT DAMAGE – Increase damage of your critical strikes.
  • SQUAD STATS – Increases current value for all of your escort vehicles.
  • AMMO CAPACITY – Increases cargo space ammount of your main vehicle, which is mostly drained by AMMO RATING value of your weapons.

Vehicle Classes

Interceptors – interceptors are small in size, but carries powerful engines which grants them great maneuverability. In addition it allows them to carry heavy armor plates making them most durable vehicles of Blasted Road Terror. Their primary role is to “tank” incoming damage and keep other vehicles safe. Interceptors have small firing arcs preventing them to use medium and heavy weapons effectively. However they are ideal carriers of light weapons as these ignore firing arc limits.

Marauders – main damage dealers of your caravan, they do a lot of damage, their 360 degree firing arc makes them ideal carriers of medium or heavy weapons and the can usualy take hit or two. Unfortunately they are not very mobile and repositioning takes a lot of time.

Attack Vehicles – “Glass cannons” of BRT. These combines the speed of the interceptors and firepower of marauders. In addition, having at least one in your caravan gives you ability to “designate target”. Unfortunately all of this comes with a cost of lowered armor and 270 degree firing arc.


DPS – Raw damage per second value calculated from damage values and number of attacks per second.
EHP – Effective hit points. Base for calculation of this value are vehicle HP and incorporates vehicles armor, dodge and deflect chance figures.

Damage & Weapon Types

Before we can talk about damage types, its important to understand how HP and FURY works. When vehicle is hit, first the game checks dodge chance, if the dodge check fails, then the game check if there is any FURY, if there is damage is reduced to 50%, after that half of the remaining 50% goes to fury, and rest is going to damage HP pool after passing deflect check and armor damage reduction.

If the vehicle HP falls to 0, vehicle is destroyed and lost forever. The key to success in BRT is to understand weapon damage types and use the right composition.

Damage Types

EXPLOSIVE – explosive weapons do huge damage(x4)to the fury and are requirement if you want to destroy it quickly and start damaging enemy HP pool directly as soon as possible. However explosives are very week against enemy armor as it treats enemy armor as double. In addition explosive weapons are often short ranged or inaccurate.

KINETIC – kinetic weapons often have highes raw damage output. Unfortunately kinetic weapons dont perform well against fury, can be dodged, deflected and their dmage is reduced by armor as normal.

PIERCING – Piercing weapons pierce through enemy fury damaging HP directly. Unfortunately piercing weapons often have limited range and are not very effective agains highly armored targets.

HEAT – flamers or lasers do heat damage. Heat is very poor when dealing with enemy FURY, but it completely ignores enemy armor, so its great type of damage against highly armored targets like Bandit Killervans or Riders Interceptors.

ELECTRIC – Electrifiers or Tesla cannons do electric damage. Electric damage ignores enemy dodge chance and in addition it slows down the weapons mounted on hitted vehicles.

Looks complicated at first, but in fact its really easy. Have enought spearboys or missile launchers to deal with enemy fury first and then destroy them with anything else. If there is a lot of enemies with armor icon, you should equip extra flamer or laser weapon. Most of the time working tactics is to have two interceptors with spearboys and two maruaders equiped with kinetic weapons or one specialized weapon. At least till you get access to specialized weaponary.

Base Facilities

  • Garage slots – Used to store vehicles you dont need for current mission. In addition mekboy will repair vehciles stored in here for free. Each upgrade level adds two garage stands. 
  • Vehicle workshop – Adds number of vehicles aviable at workshop you can purchase or hire each day. 
  • Mekservice – Increase number of Hit Points your mekboy will restore each day working on vehicles you stationed in garage.
  • Armory supply – Adds number of items you can aquire from your armor each day 
  • Underground Connections – Increases chance for rarer items to apear at black market each day. 
  • Tinkerer – Can “enchant” your accessory items(bumpers/suspensions/ornaments). Increases the max upgrade level of your bumpers, suspensions and ornaments. 
  • Saloon – increases the level and number of offered quests, in addition it affects the level of merceneary heroes you can hire at vehicle workshop each day. 
  • Scout network – Upgrades will allow your scouts to offer more distant and difficult missions. 
  • Scavenger crew – not implemented yet.

Mission types & Enemy Types


  • SURVIAL – Survive throught number of predefined waves of enemies. Incresed difficulty increases number of enemy waves.
  • ESCORT – You have to protect Nomads van driving behind your MCV for certain ammount of time. Simillar to Survival mission, but you have extra vehicle to care about that in addition limits your maneuvering space. Incresed difficulty increases the duration of the mission.
  • RESCUE – Rescue Nomads van by escorting it to safe zone. Van begins on top of the screen, moving it self slowly towards the spot marked on bottom of the screen while enemies are comming to stop it. Incresed difficulty reduces the speed of the Nomads van, so on higher difficulties, it might be good idea to drive your MCV to the side of the road, making a clear way for the van and complete the mission faster.
  • ASSASINATION – Fight the randomly picked enemy elite. Elite enemies have different abilities and ussualy summon adds during the fight. There is good chance they ll droop loot chest upon death with content depending on mission difficulty.

  • PATROL – Patrols are mini-dungeons of blasted road terror. You start at bottom of the map and your goal is to reach end of the road. Supply shop window will pop up before the mission starts, where you can purchase spare parts, extra fuel or purified water. Spare parts are used for field repairs , purified water for restoring fury, and extra fuel is needed every time you want to take a turn and visit special location. In addition supplies take cargo space, so you might need to rearange your group and weapon composition a bit to make space for enought supplies.
    Recommended setup is to have at least: 400 spare parts, 30 purified water, 20 extra fuel. 


Bandits – bandits inhabits wasteland and are average enemies of BRT, some of their vehicles have exceptionaly high fury(fist icon) so dont forget to take enought explosive weapons. They have high armor vehicles as well(dreaded Killervans) so bringing in a flamer or another heat weapons is good idea, however its not requirement. In addition Bandits usualy have quite low HP pools so weapons with high alpha damage can stop them before they ll have chance to do any damage to your vehicles.

Riders- can be encountered during highland missions. The have a lot cheap and fast bikers with exceptionaly high dodge ratings. These are best countered with fast firing weapons as their HP and Fury pools are really low(flamers usualy do the job just fine) or weapons that ignore enemy dodge chance entirely(electric). Another way how to deal with them are damage aura, or minelayer abilities as those ignore enemy dodge chance as well. In addition riders have highly armored interceptors at ther disposal and they ll throw them at you in huge numbers as well, so having one or two heat weapons is kind of requirements for highland missions.

Purifiers – Scourge of tundra! Purifiers are low in numbers however they have wide arsenal at their disposal and you can expect anything when fighting them. Having a well ballanced party with two well equiped interceptors and two damage dealers is key to survive encounter with Purifiers. They are much like your own vehicles and are the first enemies who will try to outrange your interceptors, or use blind spots to avoid your fire. They are not as durable as Bandits Killervans or Riders Interceptors, however they are not as squishy like rest of Bandits vehicles either and pack superior firepower when comapred to every other enemy faction.

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