A Hat in Time – Achievement Guide: A Series of Unfortunate Accidents

This is an achievement guide for the achievement “A series of unfortunate accidents”.

What to Do

You have to kick 5 members of the Mafia in Mafia town off a cliff (the place for these five are fixed).

The best act for this is The Golden Vault.

Where to Find the Five Mafia

  • Mafia Number 1: is just under the big lighthouse, sitting on the ledge of the pier.
  • Mafia Number 2: is near the place where the homeless mafia live. You can also find a golden vault code there. It’s right above the start point of Welcome to Mafia town.
  • Mafia Number 3: is sitting on one of the red steel shores of the construction site.
  • Mafia Number 4: is on the right side of Mafia Number 3. He’s sitting on a house with a blue roof.
  • Mafia Number 5: is sitting on a tall, circular building that can also be a lighthouse, I really don’t know what it should represent.

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