Stonekeep – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Stonekeep game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

On the very first floor, there’s a highly overpowered hidden dagger that trivializes combat in the first few levels. Pulling a lever next to the door that leads to the stairs down opens it – now pull the lever up and down again. Turn around, and go forward, left, forward, left, forward. On your left is a brick in the wall you can open to reveal a switch. Pulling it opens a corridor with another secret switch in it – which reveals an alcove with the Dagger of Penetration within.

  • Hit everything you can – enemies, furniture, bone piles etc. This builds up your weapon skill for the active weapon, strength, agility and health.
  • Enemies can’t attack through doors, even with ranged attacks. You can.
  • The wineskin can be filled with 5 charges from any healing fountain (or well), acting like 5 potions.
  • The second level of the Stonkeep ruins has a keyring. This means you can save yourself the sorting, and try all your keys on a lock with one click.

The orb effects aren’t exactly clear. Here’s a list, in the order you’re going to get them: Ruins of Stonekeep orb – drop on the ground to see a map of the nearby area, complete with secret doors and enemies. Sharga Mines orb – full heal for the entire party (use by clicking it on Drake. Same deal for most orbs. Only twice per new level.) Throggi Temple orb – casts quickness on a single character (hella useful with ranged weapons). Faerie Realm – recharges all runestaffs. Ice Realm – constant warming spell on party. The Pits – constant featherfall on party, levitate up a pit when used right underneath one. Castle of Shadows – casts strength on a single character.

  • Do not annoy Wahooka. Not cooperating with him will result (at best) in a painful Backtracking session at the endgame because you failed to get all of his rewards.
  • You’ll never find a place to sell redundant armor and weapons. Wahooka will ask for one weapon at one point, and that’s that. Wahooka also wants a bunch of gems in return for his hints, and that’s basically the only use for gems, barring (maybe) a single blue jewel.
  • Don’t attack wasps, and you won’t have to deal with an entire hive coming after you.
  • You need to have your runestaff equipped to scribe runes on it. Open the rune section of your journal, and click on a rune with the same mouse button as the hand you’re carrying the runestaff in. You can cast spells on your party by bringing up the runestaff, selecting a spell, then opening the magic mirror.
  • You buy items from the dwarven shopkeep by placing them on the counter next to him. Or listen to his dialog to see if he’d like something more than coin, like proof that you’ve killed an enemy.
  • There’s a crystal next to the dwarven blacksmith. First three hits each give you a point in whatever weapon you hit it with.
  • You get the teleport circle destination rune long before you get the “teleport to the circle” start rune. Drop a teleport circle next to the dragon regardless, it will save you a long walk Back later. Using the “teleport to circle” rune while *inside* the circle brings you right Back to the spot you originally teleported into the circle from.
  • The spoilspell rune can be cast to get rid of any number of harmful magic effects, including troll traps.
  • The group-effect and various potency meta-runes are great for transforming mediocre attack / defense spells into nukes and invulnerability spheres.
  • The skeletons in the Castle of Shadows reform if you don’t grab at least one item from their corpse while they’re down.


  • 1 – First Page
  • 2 – Notes (most recent)
  • 3 – Runes (first page)
  • 4 – Clues (most recent)
  • 5 – Items (most recent)
  • 6/Tab – Map (current map)


  • Home – Top of Inventory
  • End – Bottom of Inventory
  • Page Up – Up 5 Items
  • Page Down – Down 5 Items
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