Honey, I Joined a Cult – Free Sermon Boosts (Exploit)

An exploit currently in the game that lets you boost your sermons, but pay standard sermon influence for it.

Guide to Free Sermon Boosts

So You Fancy Yourself a Cult Leader

Don’t we all, well, here’s a quick way to boost your sermon hosting outcome for free.

For the TL;DR just read the name of each step, should be self explanatory.

Step 1: Pre-Sermon (No bonuses)

Before the sermon starts, make sure to have non of the sermon bonuses enabled, this will cost more influence, and we don’t like that, we don’t want to pay for it, we want it for free.

Step 2: Sermon time

Whenever your sermon starts, your followers will run off to hear what glorious things the leader of your cult has to say, All hail <insert your name>.

Step 3: Pause

Pause the game while the sermon is on-going.

Step 4: Enable bonuses (As many as you like)

Simple, go into the sermon settings, if you somehow don’t know where this is, well, if you click your Holy Room (this is the room that you named when you made your cult), there’s a fancy button called “Sermon”, go through the various bonuses you’ve unlocked, and turn them on

Step 5: Unpause

Let your holy man finish spreading the divine word of your deity until the overview pops up.

Step 6: Turn bonuses off and enjoy free bonuses

Now, if you check your followers, you’ll see that they all have whatever sermon buffs you decided you wanted for free, remember to turn the bonuses off again until the next sermon starts

Enjoy free sermon bonuses, until the devs fix this glitch.

Written by Nez

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