Creativerse – Guide to the Corruption Layer

In this guide I will talk about some key topics. How to find this area, how to survive being here, what you can find here, what kind of creatures spawn here, and how to tame the creatures here. If you need help getting to the corruption layer, or taming the impossible Things, I will discuss it here.

What Is The Corruption Layer?

The Corruption Layer is the final frontier, so to speak. This area is the most difficult to approach, much less to survive in. This is one of the most ruthless areas to be in, and is also one of the most rewarding. The Corruption Layer is filled with corrupted creatures, blocks, and water. It is also filled with Lumite. Lumite is plentiful in the Corruption layer. Once you reach altitude 0, you will see an unmineable block called “End Of The World”. This is the final boundary between you and the abyss, and is a developer trick to keep you inside the map. This block can never be broken by anything, and has no use beyond keeping you from exiting the world boundaries. Along with that, you will see plenty of Corrupted Stone, Corrupted Dirt, Corrupted Wood, Corrupted Leaves, and the most dangerous (Yet most common and unavoidable thing) is the Corrupted Water. This will build up your corruption much faster than any other corrupted material, and is the most dangerous thing here that is not alive.

What Dangers Do I Face?

There are two primary dangers here. The Corruption, and the creatures here. The creatures down here are among the strongest, yet they are also the most rewarding. Let’s talk about the corruption first. The corruption is the status effect that occurs in all other biomes as well. The snow biome causes you to freeze, the lava biome causes you to burn, etc. The corruption works very similar to that, but depends on your contact with corrupted blocks. The more blocks you are near at one time, the faster the meter will fill up. This is almost unavoidable in the corruption layer, excluding the use of potions, bombs, and food. Unless you are properly prepared to handle corruption, you should never be in this area for longer than 2 minutes. Make sure you are properly armored as well. The main way to travel in this biome is to cross through the Corrupted Water, but Corrupted Water constatnly does damage to you. It doesn’t matter how corrupted you are, it will cause damage, and this damage continues for an additional two seconds after you leave the Corrupted Water. This will continue if you use a Corruption Resistance potion, but the damage is halved. Along with that you will also face corrupted creatures.

You will see all the standard elemental creatures including:

  • Corrupted Pigsy
  • Corrupted Chizzard
  • Corrupted Rockster
  • Corrupted Leafi
  • Corrupted Miru

And the most dangerous creature of all.

  • The Thing

How Dangerous Are These Creatures?

The creatures here are extremely dangerous. Most creatures down here have 500 HP. That would mean most creatures require 72 hits with a Twig, 50 hits with a Wood Sword, 50 hits with a Stone Sword, 25 hits with an Obsidian Sword, 17 hits with an Iron Sword, 15 hits with a Diamond Sword or 10 hits with a Lumite Sword to be killed. Most of them do 100+ damage to the player in full Lumite armor. They are very strong, and can kill an unarmored player in 1-3 hits.

The Thing

I felt the thing deserved it’s own subsection here. It is obscenely strong. It can kill a player in full diamond armor in three hits. Things have 2500 health points and require 250 hits with a Wood Sword, 250 hits with a Stone Sword, 125 hits with an Obsidian Sword, 84 hits with an Iron Sword, 72 hits with a Diamond Sword or 50 hits with a Lumite Sword to be killed. They do about 800 damage per attack, however their attack is avoidable. They have to “prime” their attack for about 1 second, which provides a strong reaction time.

Easy Way To Kill These Creatures

There are a lot of easy ways to kill these creatures with minimal risk, but I still recommend having the following.

  • Full Iron Armor
  • Iron Swords
  • Purification Bombs
  • Stun Bombs

In order to get Corruption Dust, you are required to kill these creatures for loot or tame them. I will talk about taming in another section. This is dedicated to killing these creatures.

The best way to kill them is to stun them, and attack.them. DO NOT START BY ATTEMPTING THIS WITH THE THING. This way you are put at a minimal risk and you will not be attacked. Be sure to do this to lonesome creatures, in order to avoid unwanted attention from other creatures. Should you start to be attacked and you begin to panic, you can use Purification bombs to do a massive amount of damage to the creature. 5 of these will kill most creatures, so if you want to reduce their health quickly, you may use them before attacking in order to get a better handle on the fight. The downside of this method is you will not be given loot, should the creature die. I will talk more about Purification Bombs and their uses in another section.


The creatures here will almost ALWAYS drop Corruption Dust. Along with this, the Corrupted creatures will drop standard drops including bones and sinew, as well as the drops of their standard creature counterparts. By standard creature counterparts, I mean a corrupted Chizzard will drop a Chizzard Gizzard, etc. They also drop health potions.

Okay, I Think I Got This. How Do I Start?

Think you can do this? Cool. A list of things you will need are as follows:

  • Two Teleporters
  • Health Potions
  • Armor (I recommend iron. Anything less is extremely difficult to survive with)
  • Iron Sword
  • Corruption Resistance Potion
  • Gas Lanterns

Do not use your touchstone as a teleporter to the corruption layer. If you get down here, it is almost impossible to get out without teleporting.

How to get to the Corruption Layer

The Corruption Layer is under the Lava Layer. I cannot provide an accurate elevation estimate, as it is typically randomized. Do not mine straight down. When you are in the Lava Layer, I recommend watching your step when searching for the Corruption. The only way in is a large drop down. If you fall, you may hit an island, and die of fall damage. When you find a large drop into a dark area, you have found the Corruption layer.

What now?

If you didn’t place a teleporter at the top, be sure you can use your touchstone to get out. I would recommend taking a Corruption Resistance potion at this point.This is the hardest part. You need to jump in. If you can see the Corrupted Water, try and hit it. This is the only way to survive. If you can’t see it (I hard a hard time) then jump in and hope for the best. If you hit the ground and die, do not panic. While difficult, it is possible to jump in an area that you know has Corrupted Water, grab your things and quickly escape with no armor/weapons/resistance. Only do this as a last resort. This will be extremely difficult. Most of the Corruption Layer is Corrupted Water, so while it may be difficult, it is possible to do this.

If you managed to get in the water, you will hear a low humming and begin to take damage. The key is not to panic. Look for the closest island and swim to it. Place down your teleporter and immediately teleport back using the teleporter or your touchstone. Congratulations, you now have a method of travel to the corruption layer!

Now What?

The first thing you need to do is Light the area around your teleporter. Quickly hop through and place 2-4 Gas Lamps. I prefer Gas Lamps as they don’t require any extra lighting, are simple to produce, and have a large light radius. Once done, return back to recuperate. At this point I recommend building 2-4 Advanced Extractors. If you have a Super Extractor, then use that. However if you do have a super extractor, I am curious as to why you are reading this, as you are probably already educated in this. Now return to the Corruption Layer and search for Lumite. In the dark Corruption Layer, these blocks stand out, as they produce a shine. They will be sparkly blocks in the Corruption Layer. Quickly run up and place an Advanced Extractor, then return back home and wait. When you finish, then you can collect and forge your Lumite Ore to make Lumite Bars. Lumite Ore is not used for anything else, so always convert it into bars. If you have Corruption Dust, you may use it to help you craft a Lumite sword and Lumite Armor. When you have a Lumite Mining Cell, move on to the next section. I strongly urge you to get a Lumite Sword before a Lumite Mining Cell.

What Do I Do With This Mining Cell?

So you have a Lumite Mining Cell. Neat, so now comes the fun part. Getting health from the Corruption Layer. Use your cell to pick up some Corrupted Water. Don’t take a lot, as Corrupted Water will damage your cell quite a bit. I would guess picking up over 100 would completely destroy your Mining Cell. You won’t need more than ten, but for now even one would suffice.

Corrupted Water for Food

Once that is done, you may combine it with Wheat in a cooking station to make Corrupted Bread. Do not eat this, as the effect isn’t good enough yet. Now you can use corrupted bread and any vegetable+ingredient to make two Corrupted Sandwiches. While reducing your health by 200, this will also increase your stamina by 100 AND (The best part of all of this) will cause the corruption to heal you. Now, if you take corruption damage you will be healed. You take corruption damage by letting your corruption meter get maxed out OR being in Corrupted Water. If you use this, it lasts for fifteen minutes. This time does not stack. Eating a second sandwich will only reset the timer to fifteen again. While using this, I would recommend not using a resistance potion, as the sandwich will heal you for taking corruption damage.


This applies to ALL corrupted creatures, but in this case I will adress The Thing, as it is the hardest. You will need several things.

  • Strong Armor
  • Stun Bombs (I recommend having around 45, yet 16 is enough per creature)
  • A Taming Collar (Duh)
  • Purification Bombs (In case of emergency)

In order to tame a creature, you must first have it begin to chase you. While chasing you, lure it away from all creatures. Bring it into a lit area if possible, as Corrupted Creatures will only spawn in total darkness. Things are very easy to notice, as when they walk, they sound somewhat robotic. When you are in a good area, throw a stun bomb and begin to tame them. Things take 60 seconds to tame, and most others take between 45-55 seconds. Stun bombs will stun for 6 seconds, so I would recommend throwing one every five seconds. Each stun bomb you throw will push the creature back, so be sure to move with each bomb thrown. Do NOT let go of left click for any reason. Bombs are thrown with right click, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. This may take several tries, a lot of patience, and some rage. It took me hours to get my first one, but it was easy to get more after I learned how.

Note: Chizzards will NOT drop Corrupted Chizzard Eggs. They will drop corruption dust though.

What Do I Get From Taming?

All Corrupted creatures will give you corruption dust and standard pet drops. The only exception is the Thing, which will also give you rare recipes (Including the Super Extractor), Gas Lamps, and Diamond Armor.


Purification bombs can do more than just help you kill corrupted creatures. You can also use these to purify corrupted blocks. When a Purification Bomb is thrown onto a corrupted block, it will turn into its non-corrupted counterpart. I.E. corrupted dirt becomes dirt. When thrown on Corrupted Water, it will creates Mineral Water. Mineral Water differs from regular water as it provides a healing effect for the player. It will also cause large amounts of damage to Corrupted Creatures. Note that Mineral Water will not make your corruption meter go down. It will only heal you and hurt other corrupted creatures.

Healing Beacons can also be used in the corruption layer. These cause damage to corrupted creatures, and can purify Corrupted Water. They also cause your corruption meter to be reduced. However these require Corruption Dust, which is why I listed it as one of the later things to get.

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