Subnautica – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Subnautica game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • Don’t play on Hardcore on your first playthrough.
  • You just right-click on something to drop it while you’re not in the Lifepod, and while in the Lifepod there’s a storage locker.
  • Catch Bladderfish for water, go to the Lifepod, use the fabricator, and it can use the fish to make water.
  • Get some titanium and creepvine seeds to make a knife (make silicone rubber and then make a knife), use that on the coral tubes and find salt, it’s typically near the Acid Shrooms but can be found elsewhere. Mix the salt and the coral samples to make bleach, use that to make more filtered water.
  • Cooked food will eventually spoil and be bad to eat, uncooked fish won’t.
  • The First Aid module in the Lifepod will make first aid kits periodically and will beep when ready. Keep two on you just in case and store the rest in a locker.
  • Once you’re set to stop starving to death, check the recipes in the Fabricator. Your first objective is a Repair Tool to fix up the lifepod, then some basic mobility upgrades and a scanner tool. Builder tool lets you start making a base out of titanium.
  • Cave Sulfur comes from the flowers/nests the exploding fish shoot out of.
  • You can also build a radiation suit, but one can be found in one of the lifepods.
  • You can build a battery recharger in your base, you’ll need the Builder Tool and scanned blueprints for it.
  • When you start getting vehicles, make sure to stock up on things you’ll need. Food, water, medical supplies, batteries, etc.
  • Start bringing a decoy as soon as you’re able. Things get dangerous once you stray far enough from home.
  • The game has a floppy disk looking icon that sometimes pops up in the upper right, this means you have a radio message waiting Back at the lifeboat which usually has a new point of interest to explore. It’ll also show the scanner icon in the bottom right if you’re in scan range and pointing directly at something you can scan, even if you don’t have the scanner equipped.
  • Cooked fish spoil quickly, but live fish and cured/salted fish can be stored long term. Water doesn’t spoil, harvested plant parts do.
  • The game floods you with quartz and titanium early on, but you can’t really utilize it in bulk until you get a habitat builder, which also gives you access to cheaper and more convenient storage than the fabricated outdoor storage boxes you start with. Resources are static and don’t replenish, so you can focus on the rarer sandstone for copper/silver/lead then harvest the common stuff near the pod as needed.
  • Some materials are harvested by hitting them with the survival knife, mainly plants and coral, especially the tube coral that’s all over the shallows and used for bleach.
  • Water is most important for travel range. Fish caught in the field can be eaten raw for food, but water needs a fabricator. Making purified water with the bleach yields a lot more than catching bladderfish and the resulting water packs into fewer inventory slots per oz too.
  • On PC, ‘R’ lets you swap batteries on portable devices. Left shift is sprint, but only while walking.
  • You can swap air tanks to extend dive times, but it freezes you while the inventory is open so it’s only really worth it with upgraded >30 second tanks. Unequipped tanks also don’t automatically refill, so make sure they’re full before diving down.
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