SkateBIRD – Big Business Hidden Collectibles

3 Collectibles which are quite hidden within the Big Business level – Part of the The SkateBIRD Achievement.

Secret Collectibles Guide

Chair, Vent and Plant

1st hidden Collectible is on the top of the map on the upside of the vent.

Skate up through the purple tubes and use several ollies to climb up the vent on the rooftop:

2nd and 3rd are withing the office.

One is hidden on the desk within a plant.

Grind down the rail of the purple tubes and use 2x Ollie to reach the desk.

From the you can also reach the office chair to find the next collectible


Behind a bunch of magazines next to the bridge of colored panels.

Its behind the magazines if you’re using “Transfer” with enough speed.

Just pointing out those since those are the hardest to find compared.

to any other in the game. Most of the others can be found easily throughout the game.

Written by VYRUX

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