DELTARUNE – Secret No Mercy Route Using Noelle Walkthrough

Secret No Mercy Route Using Noelle Walkthrough

All credit goes to Avis!

This guide contains very minor spoilers for the no mercy route, and some minor spoilers for the regular game.

The steps are oddly specific and a bit confusing, so if you have any issues please look up the playthrough on youtube and play along with it at home.

The start of the route begins once you enter the trash area and find Noelle. Whatever you do before this, even if it’s pacifist, will not change the route. Make sure you have at least 2000 dollars to buy a ring later on.

Once you have Noelle as a party member, head as far left as possible (she will mention it being the wrong direction) every enemy on the way there and back that you encounter needs to be defeated using only Noelle’s ice ability. This will freeze them – if they disappear after the battle you’ve done it incorrectly and need to start again. Once you get to the Spamton shop bunker and interact with it, go to the room with the ferris wheel poster, and defeat all the enemies with ice.

Once you do that, do the following in this order:

  • Interact with the poster and select “Noelle will ride with me”
  • Talk to the npc and tell him you are “Something more”
  • When he stops you, continue to press “Get it” until you obtain the ring.
  • Equip the ring on Noelle.

The music should change at this point to be a lower pitched version of the city song.

Continue to fight ALL enemies using only ice. Kris should be defending to increase TP%.

At the switches, respond with “That’s natural.”

At the mouse puzzle, continue to press “proceed.”

In the large room with the two car roads, go down to the bottom room with the dumpster (in the regular route this is the “secret” toby dog area) and it should tell you “4 left.” if there is a higher number, you missed an enemy.

Continue through the next three rooms until you’ve left 4 ice sprites. (Some of the fights contain more than one enemy, but they only count as 1/4.)

Head back to the dumpster and get the ring. Equip it on Kris.

Fight Berdly, and choose “proceed.” Have Kris and Noelle defend until you reach 100% TP, then chose Noelle’s new attack, “snowgrave”. Continue to click on it.

Once you get to this point, you’re locked on the route. Congrats! You can feel your sins crawling on your keyboard.

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  1. Shouldn’t you equip the thorn ring from the dumpster on NOELLE, not Kris? That’s what I did and I was able to complete the route. I don’t remember even having the option of putting it on Kris.

    Also, if you take the Silver Watch off Noelle and equip it on Kris, you’ll get some extra dialogue. It’s optional, but it I would have recommended doing it for the story content.

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