Potion Craft – Potion Crafting Tips

Few not so obvious aspects of potioncrafting that might help you through the game.

Tips to Potion Crafting

Not So Obvious Things

  • When mixing potions don’t forget about water – adding water always drive the procedure of mixing towards the center of the alchemy map, that helps you to hit the icon on the map to get lvl 3 potions.
  • If you forgot to gather the plants in the alchemist garden – you can do it the next day. Plants that were left will not grow in amount though.
  • People that want to buy Sleeping potion might also buy a combined Sleeping+Healing potion, but they won’t buy Healing+Poision combination.
  • When you mix multi-effect potions – by that I mean potions that have “2 Thunder 2 Explosion 1 Fire” effects – for underground alchemy machine, you don’t need to mix potion in that very order that is written on recipe. Any order will do, just get only listed effects.
  • Alchemist map has borders but has no edge – ingredients may drive you behind visible border and it might come itchy to come back.
  • Whirlpools only act when you use blacksmithing bellows. You get whirlpooled clock-wise during this. You also get whirlpooled while its animation is active. As soon as it stops – you are clear to proceed the navigation on the alchemist map.
  • You may benefit from this (rotate your potion position closer to target effect on alchemist map to save ingredients).


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