Potion Craft – Potion Crafting Tips

Few not so obvious aspects of potioncrafting that might help you through the game.

Tips to Potion Crafting

Not So Obvious Things

  • When mixing potions don’t forget about water – adding water always drive the procedure of mixing towards the center of the alchemy map, that helps you to hit the icon on the map to get lvl 3 potions.
  • If you forgot to gather the plants in the alchemist garden – you can do it the next day. Plants that were left will not grow in amount though.
  • People that want to buy Sleeping potion might also buy a combined Sleeping+Healing potion, but they won’t buy Healing+Poision combination.
  • When you mix multi-effect potions – by that I mean potions that have “2 Thunder 2 Explosion 1 Fire” effects – for underground alchemy machine, you don’t need to mix potion in that very order that is written on recipe. Any order will do, just get only listed effects.
  • Alchemist map has borders but has no edge – ingredients may drive you behind visible border and it might come itchy to come back. Add water to the cauldron.
  • Whirlpools only act when you use blacksmithing bellows. You get whirlpooled clock-wise during this. You also get whirlpooled while its animation is active. As soon as it stops – you are clear to proceed the navigation on the alchemist map. You may benefit from this (rotate your potion position closer to target effect on alchemist map to save ingredients). Just touch the bellows softly.
  • When sleeping you can press any button to speed up the night (it will actually pass in almost in instant).
  • You can literaly drop potions from your inventory, so if you want to line them up in front of customers for immersion – go ahead, displayed potions don’t disappear at night.
  • Using shift allows you: craft potion via saved recipe using all available ingredients, buy/sell the whole stack of ingredients to any merchant
  • You can hold mouse button for speeding the process of getting the amount of ingredients you buy/sell.
  • If you mixed a potion you can’t sell to any customer – sell it to merchants for small money. Btw all the merchants buy all your potions and reagents. The price seems to be the same for all though.
  • If the customer refuses to buy your potion – you only have 2 more tries (3 in total) to guess what he needs.
  • While bargaining for better price you can use Space button, instead of LMB.
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