DELTARUNE – Ultimate Dark Fountains Guide

The Dark Fountains are an important plot mechanic in Deltarune.

Guide to Dark Fountains


Dark Fountains are the power sources that give the Dark World form. Only one Dark Fountain, the Fountain of Darkness in Castle Town, is supposed to be standing, but according to King and Queen, the Knight has been opening new Fountains. The Prophecy states that the three Heroes of Light are destined to close the Fountains to restore balance to Light and Dark. By sealing a Dark Fountain, this results in the disappearance of the Dark World it is giving form, while reverting the original location to its form in the Light World.

While the Knight is currently the only known entity to have opened Dark Fountains, any Lightner could potentially open their own Dark Fountain by projecting their power of determination into a weapon.

However, according to Ralsei, if too many are opened, an event called The Roaring will take place, wherein creatures called the Titans will emerge from them and devastate both the Light and Dark Worlds, petrifying all Darkners and making the Light World a place of eternal night.


Fountain of Darkness

The Fountain of Darkness towers above Castle Town, visible at or near the castle Ralsei lives in. In Ralsei’s prophecy, he states that the Fountain of Darkness “gives this land form.” Darkners who leave the Dark World that they originate from quickly grow weak, before turning into stone statues. The only exception to this effect is the Dark World shaped by the Fountain of Darkness. As Ralsei puts it, the Fountain of Darkness is “made of pure darkness”, allowing all Darkners to persist.

Eastern Fountain

The Eastern Fountain is the second Dark Fountain that Ralsei mentions in his prophecy, created by the Knight and threatening to upset the balance of Light and Dark. Reflecting the school’s unused classroom, it stands at King’s Card Castle, and is closed using the power of Kris’s human SOUL at the end of Chapter 1.

Library Fountain

The Library Fountain is the third Dark Fountain encountered in Deltarune, and the primary fountain of Chapter 2. The fountain was opened in the library, and created an electric-themed Dark World ruled by Queen. Despite Queen’s initial efforts to the contrary, the fountain was closed by Kris’s human soul at the end of Chapter 2.

The Library Fountain appears to have been opened by the Knight between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

Toriel’s House

In the final moments of Chapter 2, Kris, after forcibly removing their soul, uses a knife to open a Dark Fountain in the middle of the living room while Toriel and Susie are sleeping.

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