Diablo II: Resurrected – Gameplay Tips (for New Players and Veterans)

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Tips for Players That Are New or Veterans

  • There are 3 free character respecs that reset your attributes and skill points. These are obtained from the Den of Evil quest in each difficulty. More respecs are available by farming 4 essences from the act bosses in Hell difficulty.
  • Any normal quality (white/plain) broad sword, crystal sword, or long sword found in the normal difficulty secret cow level will get 4 sockets from Larzuk as a reward for A5Q1. So will any Voulge , Scythe, Poleaxe, Halberd, or War Scythe. This is one of the fastest/easiest ways starting from scratch to build a spirit sword and insight polearm which make the rest of progression considerably easier.
  • Stamina potions give 30 seconds of infinite stamina.
  • Thawing potions instantly unfreeze you when used along with a 30 second duration of +50% to cold resistance as well as a +10 boost to maximum cold resistance. (max of 95)
  • Antidote potions instantly remove all accumulated poison damage when used along with a 30 second duration of +50% to poison resistance and +10 boost to maximum poison resistance. (max of 95)
  • Note: The time duration effects stack, the instant effects do not. 6 of the same potion = stamina/cold/poison shrine duration equivalent. (3 minutes)
  • To quickly buy potions, first empty your belt, then temporarily place desired potion(s) in a belt slot(s), shift+right click to buy potions to fill the empty slots in the belt. Remove and replace your belt, this will cause the potions in the belt slots to dump into your personal inventory. Repeat as often as you like. This also works with buying health/mana potions. Speaking of which, don’t forget to refill your belt with health/mana potions when you’re done!
  • You can not miss any quests. You can always come back and do things you have missed before.
  • Points in skills that benefit the party are not wasted. a few points in skills that don’t help you directly but will help in a group are well worth the investment and don’t weaken your build in the long run.
  • For summoning necy’s getting lower resist is worth it as you may be running with trappers or sorcs and helping them kill is more important than amp’ing everything around.
  • Pallys: cleansing, conviction, vigor etc all work well with 1 pt invested + skillers even if these are not skill you would use in the normal run.
  • Fire sorcs: giving enchant even if it’s 1 pt + skillers is still a benefit to all melee, including necy’s skellys. Sometimes just the little extra in AR helps.
  • Think of what benefits the whole group rather than just your build. Sometimes it’s better to ‘break’ your build rather than just doing what benefits you. You can speed up a run this way and make things go better for all.
  • Towers map layout are a little predictable you can become well at knowing where the next level is. That is also the way to solve any labyrinth. Though it doesn’t have to be left, just pick a wall to hug left/right and just keep going that way.
  • Tip for beginners: think twice before adding too many points into Energy. You will suffer from mana starvation at low level because mana regeneration is based on max mana but it gets easier after a while.
  • When increasing level you will naturally get more mana, and high level gear often adds to max mana as well, usually enough to be able to replenish mana faster that what you consume…
  • However at low level, it will be a pain to handle, and that’s why you may use many mana potions. If you add to many points into Energy to make early life easier, you may regret it later when it becomes practically useless for most builds.
  • “Taunt” is a highly underrated skill, worth putting 1 point in. It’s really handy when dealing with killer packs, you stand far away and draw the weaklings/resurrectors/casters towards you and knock them off one by one before taking on the super unique.
  • You can upgrade some unique item’s base type from basic to exceptional then exceptional to elite.
  • Gem shrines. They don’t just drop chipped gems. What you do is go there with a gem in your inventory. Touch the shrine and it upgrades your gem. If you have a flawless topaz with you, a perfect topaz will pop out of the shrine (the flawless is also then gone from your inventory).
  • Magic Find does not increase your chance to find runes.
  • You can reset a vendor’s stock by walking out of town then coming back in. Shopping items this way is actually a great way to get really good +skill gear early especially for casters.
  • Create an Insight runeword and equip it on your merc to eliminate mana issues for the most part, assuming you have a decent sized mana pool. Farming countess for runes is your friend while leveling.
  • DON’T open your uber portals while standing in the same spot. Move around and open them away from each other. There is a chance that one of the portals gets stacked with another and you then cannot click it to enter, thus you’ll lose an organ.
  • When you die, your body will remain in the spot where you were defeated. It will contain all of your equipped items, which you can get back, if you find your corpse.
  • Pro Tip: Don’t go running back to get your corpse when you die! Instead, exit the game, and reenter. Your corpse will be right in front of you, as soon as the new game begins. Click on it, and it will contain all items you were equipped with when you died.
  • If you want your stuff back, after dying, be sure that you can get all of your corpses! Any corpse left behind will contain any items that you equipped for that attempt. Until you get your last corpse, you won’t get all of your things back.
  • Most of us just go in naked, to get our corpse(s) back, but if you are new, don’t try it. They killed you once. They will do it again.
  • Just exit the game, and return. As long as you had only one corpse, left out there (this is to say, that you only died once, just to be clear), you’ll get your stuff back.
  • Pro Tip: Set your ranged attack skill to the alternate attack key (Right Click), or button. You will stand in place, while pressing it, instead of moving around, and getting too close to danger. This works for spells, bows, javelins, throwing weapons, etc… Holding it down will auto fire, even without a target.
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