Diablo II: Resurrected – Hardcore / How to Survive (Act I – Normal)

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Hardcore – How to Survive Act I – Normal

General Tips:

  • Level up and dont skip content, levels and more killed monsters=more stats/skills and loot.
  • Town vendors have usufull things.
  • Keep your Life above 50%.
  • Town healer can remove curses and poison.
  • Monster can criticaly hit (5%) dealing 2x damage.
  • Well Equipped mercany will help you a lot.
  • The Countess can be run repeatedly to gather some runes.
  • Andariel can be run repeatedly for higher chance to drop Unique and Set Items.

Where You Can Die

Blood Raven: Pretty strong range super unique monster , located in Burial grounds. She can easily kill low level characters, clear area bafore you deal with her, avoid her arrows.

Coldcrow: Super unique Dark ranger. Most likely your first Cold enchanted enemy. Dealing with cold enchanted monster who will slow you down is tough, especialy if you are melee fighter. Coldcrow has pack of archers with her and she is quite dangerous to low level players. When Cold enchanted monster dies, Cold nova is released. Coldcrow is located in optional cave location called The Cave (Cold plains).

Rakanishu: Super Unique Carver. Fast, weak but having Lighting Enchanted ability. Every attack on him will release charged bolts doing good amount of Lighting damage. You will have to face him if you want to go to Tristram to save Deckard Cain.

Griswold: very slow Super Unique Zombie type of monster. Not so deadly on his own but his curse ability gives you Amplify damage which doubles all damage done to you. There can be some other unique mobs with packs close to him who can easily kill you with amplify damage. Griswold is located in Tristram.

Treehead Woodfist: Super Unique Brute guarding Quest location in Dark Wood (Tree of Inifus) Usualy not deadly encounter, but Treehad and his minions hit hard and are fast, just kill his minions and then him. Dont let them surround you.

Forgotten Tower: Tower has dangerous combination of monsters, Goatman, Ghosts and Dark Rangers so be carefull here, especially around ghosts as they can steal your mana making you unable to use your skills which require mana.

Barracks and Smith: First more dangerous location, you dont have a lot of space here to move around and you can be easily surrounded. Goatmen and archers can be dangerous if they are in packs or champion/unique version. Dont blindly run into rooms, take it slow. Super Unique Monster Smith is somewhere in Barracks guarding the Horadric Malus. He has high damage at melee range. His location on map is highlighted by “hammer” icon.

Pitspawn the Fouldog: Super unique “Tainted”. Cold enchanted and Cursed. Quite dangerous guy because of his combination of abilities. Dont let him and his pack to surround you or you will be in big trouble as they will slow you down with cold attacks and do more damage to you because of Amplify damage. Use terrain to your advantage and kill them one by one. Pitspawn can be found on second level of Jail and he is always in same small location but randomly placed on map. Check the picture to see the shape of room. He is usualy in this area, often behind the corner in room across the jail room.

Bone Ash: Super unique Skeleton Mage. Chance of you being killed by him is not high, but I still want him here just in case, because he is always Cold enchanted and has already 3 abilities on normal difficulty. He can be found in Cathedral and is solo wihout minions.

Andariel: Final boss of ACT I, she can be found in Catacombs and unlike others previously mentioned monsters, she has to be killed in order to progress to ACT II. She hits hards at close range and has some poison attacks. She is not that hard, just buy some Antidotes in town to deal with poison and keep your Life always above 50%. Andariels has -50% fire resist, and is quite resistant to Poison.

Written by Zax

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