Heat Signature – Item Attributes

A comprehensive list of all item attributes. Each attribute within the same category is mutually exclusive with other attributes of the same category, unless otherwise specified. Most attributes have associated prefixes, but some do not.

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Color of the item’s name, and general power level. Only items of Interesting rarity or above will sell for anything at a vendor.

  • Common: Guns, shotguns, and wrenches. Items of this rarity sell for nothing, and are freely abundant on any ship.
  • Interesting: Everything that isn’t regularly carried by a guard. You frequently find Interesting items from guards which drop items (denoted by a treasure chest icon where the key icon would be).
  • Rare: Granted by Recharging attribute. Mid-tier items which give you a specific number of uses per mission. Reduces amount of time you have to spend attacking nearby ships for supplies before taking on a mission.
  • Exceptional: Granted by Armor-Piercing or Self-Charging attributes. Sells for a lot, and in both cases the best in class. Self-charging items have no effective use limit other than time, and armor-piercing weapons are necessary for the toughest class of guard.
  • Unique: These weapons are unique. They always generate the same way, and do special things. The only two Unique weapons I’ve encountered are Fiasco’s Facebreaker (armour-piercing non-lethal melee weapon used in the tutorial) and the Everything Gun (gathers and hurls all physics objects within radius).


The number of uses your item has. Upon running out of uses, you will either be temporarily unable to use the item (if it recharges) or it will disintegrate (if it doesn’t recharge).

  • No Attribute: 1 use.
  • Medium Capacity: 3 uses.
  • High-Capacity: 5 uses.


How your items recharge, if they do at all. Items that do not recharge disintegrate once all their charges are used.

  • No Attribute: Item will disintegrate after it loses its last charge. Charge is retained between missions.
  • Recharging/Restocking: Charge/ammo will restore to max capacity upon docking with a friendly station. Limited-use per mission, but never disintegrates.
  • Self-Charging: Charge will gradually restore to max capacity over time, even on enemy ships.


Non-weapon items only. Determines the maximum possible range of your item

  • No Attribute: Base range. Generally speaking, about one room length.
  • Long Range: 1.5x base range.
  • Extreme Range: 2x base range.


Ranged weapon only. How much noise your weapon makes. If shots or explosions are heard, guards will investigate the area.

  • No Attribute: Shots or explosions can be heard from far away, approximately 2-3 room lengths.
  • Quiet: Shots or explosions can be heard from one room length away.
  • Silenced: Shots or explosions can be heard from one meter away (about quarter of a room’s length)

Fire Speed

Ranged weapon only. The speed at which a weapon can fire. The faster the speed, the better the weapon.

  • No Attribute: Base firing speed, feels about 0.9s (not explicitly shown).
  • Quickfire: Fast, semi-automatic. 0.3s firing speed.
  • Automatic: Fires as long as you hold the trigger, feels about 0.1s (not explicitly shown).

Swing Speed

Melee weapon only. Determines how fast you can swing, which limits your options in a fight. No prefix.

  • Slow Recovery: 0.4s cooldown on a swing.
  • Quick Recovery: Swings incredibly fast, feels about 0.1s (not explicitly shown).


This weapon can directly injure armored opponents. Usually lethal, although there are some very rare armour-piercing non-lethal options.


Lethal guns usually require ammo, which can be scavenged from ships and missions. You can see your current ammo count below your inventory.

  • Normal Ammo: Used for all standard lethal weapons; icon is orange. Plentiful, picked up from any guard that has a gun. You’ll never run out.
  • Armour Piercing: Used for all armour-piercing lethal weapons; icon is greenish-blue. Rare, found on guards carrying a white box (like where the key would show) or on the floor.
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