Terraria – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Terraria game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • Listen to what the Guide has to say. If you select “Crafting” when you talk to him and drag a Material item into the blank slot, he’ll show you everything you can make with that item plus the other required materials.
  • Get a piggy bank as soon as you can afford one, and carry it with you everywhere. It keeps your money safe, and provides 20 inventory slots for the price of one.
  • Every piggy bank on every world links to the same 20 slots. This is useful for transferring things between servers and giving yourself access to certain items from anywhere, but it also means that carrying 100 pigs will give you no more inventory space than 1.
  • When you’re underwater, don’t forget to breathe. You don’t make any special noise when you start to drown, and it’s very easy to accidentally kill yourself by not noticing when you’ve run out of air.
  • Don’t be ashamed to “waste” resources like metal. Even a Small world has more stuff in it than a single player will probably ever use. And worst-case scenario, you just start a new world, and strip-mine that, too.
  • This isn’t Minecraft, Gold is the best equipment you can get for a while.
  • Chests often have really cool stuff, don’t neglect searching caves for them.
  • Hammer breaks background objects, and dirt walls have to be broken from outside-in.
  • As soon as you find some Mushroom Grass seeds, build yourself an extensive underground mushroom farm. Glowing Mushrooms heal 50 HP a pop, are a key ingredient in upgrading potions, and are dime-a-dozen once you get a good farm set up.
  • Don’t eat regular mushrooms (Heal 20 HP), combine them with bottles (Sand -> Glass – > Bottle at a furnace) and gel to make healing potions (Heal 100 HP)
  • Once you’re strong enough, collect Fallen Stars at night. Combining ten of them nets you a Mana Crystal, which boosts Maxiumum MP by 20 (This is the only way to increase max MP.).
  • The HP equivalent are only found underground.
  • Angel Statues really are worthless.
  • The very first thing you should do is start chopping down trees to get wood. Make yourself a workbench, then create some wood walls and wood background for a house.
  • If you kill Slimes you’ll get Gel, which can combine with wood to make Torches, the game’s primary lighting source.
  • On your inventory screen, there is a house icon in the upper-right section of the screen, next to the PVP toggle and the team colors. Click on it to get options for assigning NPCs to certain rooms and determining if a room meets the requirements for housing NPCs.
  • At the beginning of the game, when night falls, start digging. It’s a good time to get underground and look for ore. Once you’re strong enough to tear through zombies and demon eyes, you can start looking around for Fallen Stars on the surface at night.
  • Don’t try to build a sky base unless you enjoy getting mobbed by flying enemies that spam projectiles.
  • Scared of Blood Moon? Don’t panic! Dig pits that are three or more blocks deep in front of the ground-entrance doors to your house. Zombies will fall in and leap uselessly at the pit walls instead of busting into your house. Put lava in the pits if you want extra protection.

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