Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Splinter Cell: Blacklist game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

Money won’t really be a problem as the more you upgrade your plan the more money you’ll get from missions which will then let you upgrade your plane, etc etc etc. If you’re really desperate you can replay earlier missions and just grind money out that way (there’s no point reduction for replaying levels), but it’s probably best not to do that unless you’re going to try a different playstyle; shit might get old if you’re following a routine.

‘Black market’ weapons are the sort of stuff you’ll see enemies using and are relatively cheap with decent(ish) upgrades, but the best equipment is gained through upgrading your plane’s ‘experimental’ capabilities. They’ll be about 200k a pop, but the rifle and pistol with inherent silencers are absolute beasts and if upgraded can punch right through armour in a couple of shots. Completing optional missions will unlock the highest tier suit upgrades for purchase.

Oh, and upgrade to Sonar Goggles ASAP. You can see through walls with them and even tag people while doing that. Each upgrade you purchase will also stack with the previous ones, even though the text doesn’t make this very clear.

Finally, there’s no functional difference between killing/knocking out/avoiding NPCs. Unless you’re deadset on sticking to a single ‘path’ just go as you like and improvise – the best moments will arguably come from you messing something up and having to find a place for this corpse and oh god oh god his friend is coming in and you’re still dragging the first and now after shooting you’ve got two bodies and their third friend is coming over to investigate the noise…

There’s a button to whistle/make noise to lure enemies over for a takedown. I have had situations where an enemy heard the sound, and told the people around him that he heard something, which brought more attention over than I was hoping for, so be careful around multiple enemies.

  • Enemies have almost no vertical vision in most situations, use pipes all the time
  • Doing all of Grim’s side missions unlocks the best stealth gear for purchase, it’s very useful
  • You can take out heavy soldiers by using the sleeping gas crossbow upgrade combined with the execution attack in one shot
  • Sometimes you’ll get to decide whether to kill an important NPC or not during a cutscene, your choice doesn’t matter AFAIK
  • Grimm gives stealth infiltration missions that are pretty close to classic Splinter Cell (A set of objectives that can be done in any orderand a moderate-size open map to sneak around in). Causing an alarm to be sounded is an instant failure in these.
  • Charlie gives survival wave missions.
  • Briggs has the co-cop campaign ones.
  • Korbin gives missions to clear an area (Two-part maps with a checkpoint inbetween that can be used to resupply/alter your loadout. They’re focused on killing or knocking out every enemy on the map. Sounding an alarm isn’t a fail state like Grimm’s missions, but it will bring reinforcements).
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