Sable – Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Sable is a simple game with tons of discoveries to be made. Here are some tips for smooth sailing, or gliding in this case, through the game.

Tips and Tricks

Jump And Climb

Give yourself a little boost by jumping and then climbing. This will really come in handy in the beginning when your stamina is low. To increase your Stamina, visit the Chum Queen in the Building A Queendom quest.

Keep The Currency

Keep at least 100 currency on you at all times. You’ll need them for quests or to buy regional maps. This is also why finding Chests or selling Scrap Metal in Treasure Scrappers is important.

Take It Easy With The Quests

Flip back-and-forth through Quests as you need to. There is no reason to be stuck on a Quest when you can revisit it later. The game is quite fluid and sometimes you’ll unintentionally do something you needed to for other quests.

Look At Those Neon Lights

Following neon lights will help you figure out where you need to go or what you need to do. Sometimes puzzles, doors, wires, or even passageways will glow.

Find Collectibles!

Chests and Chum Eggs are vital to the game. Other collectibles you come across should still be picked up because they can come in handy for another quest.

Direction Signs

You may come across a couple of posts that look like a Stop sign with arrows. If you interact with the sign, it will give you directions to significant sites.

Glide On The Land, Not In The Water

Both Sable and the glider almost sank, not sure if the glider can submerge. The glider does not float, but Sable can swim.

Cool Regional Purchases

You can buy Bike parts from various Merchants and Machinists in every region and they all sell different items that are unique to their region. You can also purchase Color Dye for your Bike, find them in Chests, or earn them from NPCs.

Calling Your Bike

You should call for your bike when you are on the ground and near your bike. If you stray too far, you may not be able to call the bike over. If you are traveling on foot, you can call your bike as you walk to keep it near you.

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