Dead by Daylight – Beginners Gameplay Tips


  • You can find generators by scanning the horizon. You’ll see a cluster of flood lights attached to a pole. These are attached to the generators. 
  • After finding a generator, scan the area for an escape route should the baddie appear. This is imperative. Knowing how to escape before you need to can save your life. Take note of any windows, or debree that you can pull down. Aim for these areas when being chased. 
  • Listen for an audible cue when repairing generators. A noise will play about a half second before the skillcheck. As a result, you can safely scan the area around you while repairing. Once you hear this noise immediatly look down for the skill check. You’ll know the noise once you listen for it once or twice.
  • If you have a toolbox, you can alternatively go look for hooks instead of generators. Seeing as you can disarm hooks, you greatly increase the chances of yourself, and your allies of escaping the killer once someone gets caught. 

Best Buddies

  • Work in pairs if at all possible. Being togethor allows you to heal each other, and work much faster on objectives. In addition, if you step on a snare, your buddy can pull you out. While you can go in a group of 3 or 4, it’s usually a waste, as you want to force the killer to go between multiple areas of the map. 
  • If someone is hurt, aka limping, be sure to heal them up if there is no immediate danger. Aka, don’t patch up someone while Mr.Hook is patrolling the area. This allows them to take one more hit before going down, they wont moan out load, and won’t leave blood trails. 
  • When reviving a survivor, be sure to always look at the status gauge. Some players will be at 95% revive by themselves. The second it changes to “healing” immediatly let go, especially if the killer is nearby. I hate it when I get revived, but my teamate won’t let go of me and the killer just runs up and smacks me again. 
  • Do not attempt to escape on a hook unless you have no other choice. The odds of pulling yourself off are abysmally low, and greatly decrease the amount of time you can sit idle on the hook. Wait for teamates to save you. 
  • The killer is almost completely blind while placing a trap down, as he looks directly at the ground where the trap is. Should he hook someone, and immediatly start laying a trap, run up and pull your friend off the hook, in most situations he wont even notice you. 
  • Don’t immediately escape the level if you don’t have to. Try to save teamates for extra points. The reason being is that once the exits are available, the killer will hook someone and then dart off to quickly find another. Time is of the essence here, and usually the killer is fully aware of this. You can also heal hurt allies, and do other actions to farm points in these situations. 


  • Walk, don’t run. The killer can follow your tracks you leave behind if you run. Unless you really need to get somewhere fast, be sure to walk. 
  • Stay away from open areas. Your best friends are crates, buildings, and other structures and debree that you can juke around and inbetween. The killer is faster than you, so you need to go to areas where you can quickly mixup your direction. 
  • Do not, for the love of horrible horror movies, hide inside a closet. In most cases this is a death sentence. You have much higher odds outrunning and juking a killer than hiding from them. The main reason being is that you leave tracks being you when you run. Most players jump into a closet when being chased, and as such, the killer knows exactly where you are. It can be useful in some situations, but I don’t advise it. Instead, find brush, a wall, or some other location to hide behind. 
  • Holding the shift key speeds up all moving actions. So, if for example, your beside a window crouched, and the killer suddenly comes by, hold shift and use the window to quickly slide through it. If you don’t, you’ll perform a much slower action. The difference in each of these is one leaves scratches for the killer to follow, and the other does not. 
  • If you are the only survivor left, and there are 2 or more generators left, think about scanning the map for the escape hatch instead. Every time you fix a generator, it tells the killer where you are. As a result, it can be very dangerous to go it alone. Look around or inside buildings. The hatch spawns most frequently near these areas. 
  • Look behind you when you run as a survivor. Sometimes the killer will double back in another direction to cut you off. It’s important to know what hes doing.
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