Trillion: God of Destruction – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Trillion: God of Destruction game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • The Final Strike ability’s damage is dependent upon your character’s stats at their time of death. (ATK+INT+RES+DEF+SPD+CAP)*9999999*1.x, where x is (5 + the number of times it’s been used before). Abilities that increase your stats are the best way to get a lot of damage out of Final Strike.
  • The game tracks how you read during the VN sections. If you mash through or skip text, it will have an adverse effect on the performance of your character.
  • When training, there is a timing element that can improve the efficacy of training. Don’t just mash X or ignore the mini-game.
  • Invest in at least two of the skills that move your character more than one space. It will be critical when avoiding Trillion’s attacks.
  • Final Sprint is one of the most effective skills in the game. It reduces your base stats, but causes them to increase every turn you spend fighting Trillion. If you can survive long enough, your stats can reach 999 for very little investment. This combos very effectively with Final Strike when your character does finally bite the dust.
  • The point game is to sacrifice your anime waifus to a Soviet Style meat-grinder, and watch heart breaking cut-scenes of them thinking of their hopes and dreams in their final moments before they get brutally murdered because you told them too. It is not intended for you to loudly declare “No cute anime girls die on my watch”, and proceed to clear the game on your first Overlord, as you miss about half the mechanics, 90% of the story, and the game doesn’t acknowledge that you did it (there’s an achievement for clearing it with the first 3 Overlords).
  • Speed is god. Even though it’s rogue-style game speed affects how long it takes a telegraphed attack to connect, giving you time to slap a bitch and get out of the way.
  • Passives are insanely powerful if used correctly, and are often better value than higher levels than straight up leveling a stat.
  • Reaction is a bottle neck EXP as all stats but 1 use it, also primary stat for Speed.
  • Final sprint is incredibly powerful, but makes your character incredibly vulnerable during non-Trillion fights, I recommend popping a Speed boost at the start so you can survive until your stats catch up.
  • HP > Def/Res > Mana. While none of these should be neglected HP should be considered in breakpoints of “which attacks can I survive to heal-myself” mostly because, I high enough Def/Res will mean any attacks modified by them deal like no damage to you unless they’re a big hit which normally 20-30bil damage. None of that matters however, because the most important stat Mana allows you to spam movement skills which lets you avoid getting hit in the first place and therefore not ever having to worry about those stats except in the case of Miasma.
  • There is a rune that let’s your weapon pierce two tile ahead of you. It is by far the most powerful rune in the game. The reason is that it lets you attack Trillion from just enough of a distance that you always use a 3 space movement ability to get to safety and it completely bypasses Trillion’s wall.
  • Do not stand in front of Trillion when it charges.

So the game controls are super janky. On an Xbox 360 controller: A is to attack. B is not important. Y brings up the menu which lets you access items. Left on the Left Joystick brings up the skills list. D-pad moves your Overlord. Now here’s the important parts: The bumpers rotate the camera. If your camera is rotated diagonally you can move/attack diagonally/use skill diagonally. Tapping X selects a new melee target. Holding X allows you to see which direction you are facing. Holding X and pressing the bumpers allows you to zoom out (I recommend 1 level of zoom out).

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