Tinytopia – Get Meowtta Here Achievement Guide

How to Obtain Get Meowtta Here Achievement

How to Get the Achievement

Get Meowtta Here

  • Rescue 5 cats with your chopper.

(Official) Achievement Description

In the real-life cities you can find black cats in trees and save them with your fire station helicopter. It seems they are on some sort of timer and you can find more than 1 in a city.

What to Do

  1. Choose one of the “real” cities. I chose San Francisco.
  2. Build a fire station with a helipad
  3. Build a lot of trees around the fire station (both green and coloured work) and remove all trees outside your visibility
  4. Wait for cats and rescue them by sending your firefighter chopper. When I did it the cats spawned every 1-2 minutes, so just wait a little.

Pictures of cats in trees

Rescuing a cat from a tree

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