Medieval Dynasty – Best Places to Build Your Village

Best Places to Build Your Village

North-east of Denica is a great place to build. Lot of flat terrain and tree to chop.

South-east/east of Rolnica also in a second choice (Near the island). But there is a lot of questline to do in Gostovia so it’s a little bit far away from Gostovia. (But near wool seller & animal seller).

Those two area are flat as hell.

And don’t take too much time about placing your first house. It’s a Tiers 1 house so, later, when you will have a couple of villagers, you will remove it when they will harvest the log for you.

But take your time, visit the different village, explore the area. There is no rush. You can take the first year just by exploring and roaming around. Just build near reeds, it will save you a lot of time.

Another quite nice spot is just on the edge of the lake SE of Denica (beside the river) Fell some (ok, a lot of) trees and you have a nice village spot with some flat land open land nearby for fields. Did a village there before 1.0 came out. Lots of game around too.

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