Cultist Simulator – Achievement: Fire’s Final Function

“Caput gerat lupinum. The Sun was divided, and this is its wound.” This is a guide on how to ascend into the service of The Wolf Divided in the Exile DLC and unlock the achievement Fire’s Final Function.

Temptation: Defiance

To achieve any of the Eternal Enmity ascensions, you need to pursue Temptation: Defiance.

Acquiring this temptation requires that you use either a sacred weapon (i.e. not profane) or Edge lore with the Employ verb. Doing this, for the first time, will give you Temptation: Defiance, three Unknown Weaknesses, and generate one trace.

You will notice that the temptation already has one Mark of Defiance. Seven are required to ascend into the service of one of the Edge Hours.

Nota bene: Do not consecrate yourself to The Colonel or The Lionsmith, as this will lock you out of entering the service of The Wolf Divided.

Send a Defiant Gift


Gaining this mark requires you to send a weapon to your foe. Unfortunately, a profane weapon will not suffice. Use Communicate with Temptation: Defiance and a sacred weapon of your choosing. Personally, I usually send the Lionhunter’s Rifle when only a single use remains.

Send a Defiant Summons


Communicate using Temptation: Defiance and your current city to summon The Foe to your location.

My personal recommendation, if you value your obscurity, is to save attaining this mark until you are ready to confront your foe.

Celebrate My Victory


Relinquish A Reckoner Corpse with Temptation: Defiance and you will gain this mark. Typically, if I find myself annoyed enough by the “sheer ill luck” event, that causes reckoners to arrive in your current city when there are no traces on the board, I will turn this misfortune to my favour and kill the first reckoner to arrive and gain this mark.

Foment Chaos for the Wolf Divided


Gaining these marks requires both Connection: Radicals and The Wolf Divided’s Shadow, which can only be found, inclusively, in Stalingrad and Tiflis. Don’t fret if you’ve exhausted your avenues of travel in reaching Stalingrad and Tiflis. You can travel using A Dash Cross Country. Once you reach your destination, you can use Communicate, with the Lonely Places Between, to be given a random location to travel to. Beware, doing this will give you a wound, so be careful to wait until you’ve healed if you have six wounds already. Do this as many times as is necessary to reach Stalingrad or Tiflis. Both of these locations can be reached from one another, to make matters simpler.

Additionally, fomenting chaos for The Wolf Divided grants two Marks of Defiance per location.

The Exercise of Defiance


Completing all of the activities listed above will have granted you eight Marks of Defiance, although only seven are required to ascend into the service of an Hour. At this point you can confront your foe.

Once you’ve wounded the Foe six times, do not wound them a seventh, as this will strike a killing blow. Instead, Communicate using Temptation: Defiance and you will unlock a beautiful ending. No pun intended, am I right Sun in Rags?

Written by Lucretia

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