Heat Signature – Fastest Way to Liberate Stations

This guide shows the fastest way to liberate stations using the Foundry Brick.

How To…

  • Step #1: Complete a couple missions. Once you have $40 buy the Foundry Brick. 
  • Step #2: Fly to a station in Glitch space. 
  • Step #3: Accept an audacious or mistake assassination mission. 
  • Step #4: If there are none. Go to the character change area and then select your character again to reset the mission board. 
  • Step #5: Crash into the section of the ship containing the assassination target. 
  • Step #6: Repeat until your character inspires less than 75% liberation. 
  • Step #7: Select a new character and go to step one.

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  1. They nerfed the brick to the point of being totally worthless, this article got my S tier character killed.

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