Clicker Heroes – How to Get Wawepet and Other Game Strats

Getting Wawepet Guide

Early Game

Getting Dark Night

Getting Dark Night is the first step to losing your soul to this game. Simply get the first few heroes to level 1000 for a lot of x4 boosts and a final x10 boost. This is the easiest way to get Dark Night

After Dark Night

After Dark Night you will want to save up a few rubies to buy and auto clicker. You will also want to upgrade the ancient Juggernaut, Ancient of Momentum. This will allow you to go AFK for long periods of time while still betting more dps. The next Ancient you want to upgrade is Fragsworth, Ancient of Wrath. This ancient will let you do more clicking damage which will go great with the auto clickers you will be buying. After the first auto clicker buy double damage in the shop, this lasts through ascencsion and transcencion.

Transcensions and Ascensions

Once you have about 5 ancient souls you can either wait a bit longer or transcend. When you transcend buy 1 upgrade each on Ponyboy and Chor’gorloth. Use the rest on Phandoryss. This will make getting through zones and buying ancients easier.

After First Transcension

Congratulations! You just transcended! Now here comes the fun part.


Here’s a list of ancients based on how much you want to upgrade them.

[Important Upgrades]

  • Juggernaut, Ancient of Momentum
  • Fragsworth, Ancient of Wrath
  • Morgulis, Ancient of Death
  • Mammon, Ancient of Greed

[Slightly Less Important Upgrades But Still Worth It]

  • Argaiv, Ancient of Enchantment
  • Atman, Ancient of Souls
  • Dogcog, Ancient of Thrift
  • Dora, Ancient of Discovery
  • Fortuna, Ancient of Chance
  • Kumawakamaru, Ancient of Shadows (Try saying that five times fast)
  • Vaagur, Ancient of Impatience

[Upgrades That Aren’t That Important]

  • Basically any Ancient that involves skills

I may have forgotten some but focus on the top 2 lists if you want to AFK.


When transcending focus on Chor’gorloth and Ponyboy but don’t forget to upgrade Phandoryss.


I know I haven’t mentioned mercenaries yet but if you are looking for more rubies, hero souls, or gold, go there. Mercs will help you get more mercenaries. If you get Leroy Jenkins there is an achievement for burring him.


Clans can help you get rubies and create a chatroom for friends. Mine is BlocKnight if anyone wants to join. You can choose 1 of 3 factions (I chose rouge but you can choose whatever you want.).


Gog is the hero right before Wawepet, so he is important. First step is to get him to level 1500. Level 1500 is where he boosts Betty’s DPS by a lot. Upgrade her until you get Gog to level 2000. Then he upgrades Midas. By now you should have 2 or 3 auto clickers. once you have about 5.000e5 combo, use one of your auto clickers on Midas and the other on the Monster. Use your remaining and future auto clickers on the monsters. Continue to ascend and transcend (for a pretty long time if AFKing) and you’ll eventually get Wawepet.

Written by XvatavX

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