Loopomotive – 100% Full Ahievement Guide

Most of the achievements are easy to get just by reading their description but still I can give you a few hints as to how to get a few of the trickier ones.

How to Obtain All Achievements


Some of the achievements in this game are obtained through just playing through the levels, while others require specific things. I’ll divide them into both of those categories.

Progression Based


  • Complete the first level.

Self explanatory.

Grafitti Artist

  • Unlock all train skins.

You’ll unlock skins as you beat levels, and you’ll get the last one before beating the last level.

Rock Star

  • Beat the last level.

Self explanatory.


These are the ones that require specific things to be unlocked.

You’re a train wreck

  • Crash 10 times.

You’re really a train wreck

  • Crash 100 times.

Level 4 is great for farming crashes. Simply use the handbrake at the beginning and you’ll crash at the first car that comes out.


  • Have a big accident. Fly off the level.

If you crash at a car at full speed and there are no obstacles on the way, you should be able to get this one easily.

Heart Stopper

  • Brake and come to a halt next to a car, and then safely continue.

Good timing with the hand brake is key here, this one shouldn’t give you much trouble.


  • Do not touch the controls for a minimum of 15 seconds.

Easily achievable on the first level, as long as the first car spawns at the top road.

Light Rail

  • Beat the level without going above 25% of max speed.

To get this achievement, your speed meter can never go above the left most third (the light pink part). This can be easily achievable on the first level with just a bit of throttle control around some of the car spawns.

Bullet Train

  • Beat the level without going under 50% of max speed.

Definetely the hardest achievement to get. To get this achievement, your speed meter can never go below the right most third (the dark pink part) except for right at the beginning, so after you speed up for the first time you can’t slow down until you enter that third of the meter.

This is doable in level 6: Speed up to full right at the beginning to get past the first two cars. After that, there is a rythm to the level where you go at max speed for 1 and a half loops, then go another 1 and a half loops on the speed just above the minimum you can go. There will be many close calls with the cars, but it is possible. Give it a few attempts and you should be a ble to find the rythm.

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