Battlefield 2042 – How to Fly Around in Asset Map

Fly around in the asset map before beta starts.

How to Fly

All credit goes to smacker!


Use ` to open console

Type in ‘UI.DrawEnable 1’

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  1. Yea, it works. Interesting way to examine downloaded data. It also seems, that there are two levels in preload data.
    flow_startuplevel.toc – I assume that this is level that we can view through this tutorial.
    mp_orbital.toc – probably map, that will be accesible in beta, though I suspect that there will be additional download later.

    If there was command (or launch parameter) that would load into this “Orbital” level, it could be interesting insight even deeper into game data. However, list command doesn’t show anything that could lead into loading specific levels (I assume that retail version is built without debug commands that could lead into potential cross-client issues). Anyway, since engine is more or less same as in previous Battlefield games, I suspect that it what worked before should work now to… Actually, I wouldn’t be suprised if mods and cheats from previous games were simply passed over to 2042.

  2. press down and space if its blurry, if you don’t press down it’ll try and connect to the servers again

    • try inputting the command right after the splash screen (don’t try to connect to the online servers)
      otherwise I’m not too sure

  3. Additional Controls

    Mouse Wheel Up +1 to speed up movement
    Mouse Wheel Down -1 to slow down movement
    Shift to “Sprint”

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