Jake’s Love Story – How to Get Ending #9

I noticed many people have troubles getting last possilbe ending, so I prepared official guide to help you!

How to Get Ending #9

Requirement: Finish game at least once with any other ending to unlock additional choice options.

The following is only an example how to reach ending 9, there are few other possibilities.
Text in brackets [ ] is choice to make.

  • [Turn off and get up]
  • [Ask her if she needs help]
  • [Suggest going together]
  • [In which class are you?]
  • [Emma-chan]
  • [Knock and wait]
  • [Was that you playing?]
  • [It was really good!]
  • [You look cute in glasses]
  • [Do everything together]
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors are random, outcome doesn’t matter, just make sure to call Emma.
  • [You failed…]
  • [Agree]
  • [Come back later]
  • [Don’t worry]
  • [Buy her present]
  • [Guitar picks] – only available if you asked her before about guitar
  • [Tell her she looks good …]
  • [Yes, she looks good]
  • [Don’t say anything]
  • [Show us what you know already]
  • [It’s nice here]
  • [Play it to Emma anyway]
  • Here you can ask Alice to play for Emma or ask Emma for a walk.
  • You can also go sit with Alice, or ask her for a walk.
  • [Call Mike] (girls appreciate that you care about your friend)
  • If in campfire scene you favored Emma, do as Alice suggests – [… don’t write their names]
  • If you favored Alice, then choose what Emma said – [… and also credit them]
  • [I can go]
  • Scene about hair doesn’t matter, choose whatever you like or let her decide (random).
  • [Ask teacher if you can work in four] – option available only after getting any other ending.
  • [Don’t you think it might belong to someone?]
  • [If your parents agree, why not?]
  • [End conversation]
  • [Yes, it is]
  • Decision what Jake does doesn’t matter.

Now both Emma and Alice should agree to go with Jake to prom!

Written by Mikolajspy

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