Crimson Memories – All Endings and Achievements

This guide includes all endings, all achievements and a few informations for this little otome.


  • You can use F3 to switch the screen ratio and F4 for fullscreenmode. 
  • You can skip dialogue with Ctrl.
  • At the end of a route you will be able to get to the “Room full of memories” where you gain access to all obtained CG’s. 
  • You need to click on the cat for one achievement while you are in the “Room of memories”.

Lantis’ Route


  • Prince
  • Walk back
  • Prince Lantis?
  • Find it at once

Henry’s Route


  • Strange Thief
  • Thank you for your trouble along the way
  • Henry?
  • Don’t find it

Carroll’s Route


  • Sirius
  • Thank you for your trouble
  • Carroll?
  • Call for the ones who saved us

Normal Ending / Game Over

This ending is necessary for one achievement but actually you don’t really have to do anything for it. Just follow the path on the screenshot which is marked and you will get it.

Crimson Memories - All Endings and Achievements

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