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Factory Engineer - How to Start a Factory

Written by GrayIsTheBest   /   Oct 18, 2017    
Factory Engineer - How to Start a Factory

In this guide I will explain how to get a good starting factory for Sandbox mode!

Simple Production

I will teach you how to make a simple product and sell it!

Our product will be Blocks, and they are super simple to make. You first need an Importer, found under Essential Machines which looks like a single gear, (all of these machines are found under Essential Machines), a Smelter, an Assembly Machine, and lastly; the Product Maker. You will also need Conveyors, to move your stuff around. So lets go over the things you will need:

  • 1 Importer
  • 2+ Conveyors
  • 4+ Handlers
  • 1 Smelter
  • 1 Assembly Machine
  • 1 Product maker
  • 1 Exporter 

Factory Engineer - How to Start a Factory

This is how your base should look, I included what things look like and where they are.

Now for the most important part - what to make/import. Now make the Importer import Plastic Powder, (you can do this by clicking on it and then clicking "Import" and the same goes for other things, like the Smelter would say "Smelt" instead of "Import")then make the Smelter make Plastic Bars, the Assembly Machine make Plastic Parts, and last, the Product Maker makes Blocks, the whole focus on this section.

That's it! You now can make a production line that makes Blocks!

Written by GrayIsTheBest.