Pro Gamer Manager 2 – Traits Guide

This will be a guide explaining and ranking each trait in Pro Game Manager 2.


Natural Talent – All expirience this Pro Gamer gains is increased by 50%.

I cosider this the most useful trait, as it lets players keep ahead of the game in their stats. Note: I’ve gotten much farther into the game now and now consider this trait a neccesity.

Ambitious – Practicing requires 50% less ENERGY than average.

Maintaining a good Energy level can be very hard, this will help keep energy at a good level.

Friendly – When this Pro Gamer is around, other Pro Gamers can only drop their SOCIABILITY level to 50% of this Pro Gamer’s level.

Social maintainance can also be a pain, but this one helps keep that stat in a good area.

Cheerful – Grants 5% more HAPPINESS and loses 5% less than average.

I haven’t had the most time to play with this, but I feel it does help.

Lone Wolf – The Pro Gamer doesn’t suffer penalties to MOOD for having low SOCIABILITY but will not interact with other Pro Gamers automatically.

For those who just want to forget about Sociability, this trait can do that for you.

Foodie – Grants a small boost to MOOD When eating.

Gamers eat alot, and having a good mood is always great.

Pedantic – The Pro Gamer will automatically clean up messes. When doing so they receives doubled the expirence.

If you want to keep your game house clean, you’ll need this on a player. Not only does the Gamer automatically clean up messes, but gains extra EXP for it.

Resistant – All negetive effects caused by diseases are halved.

I haven’t actually come across a disease yet, but if they added this diseases must be a problem.


Night Owl – Gains expirience 150% faster during the night, and 50% slower during the day.

This is sort of a double edged sword because it can both hurt and improve a player. I’d say more negetive, because daytime lasts longer, so that will hinder EXP gain.


Clumsy – Increases the risk of accidents by 30%, Non-Commital – Gives an increased chance to disobey commands, and Jealous – If Pro Gamer does not get to play in matches often enough, they will leave the team.

These three have never hindered me, so I’m not quite sure how big of a deal they are.

Vegetarian – Has a 50% chance of refusing to eat any non-vegetarian food. If Pro Gamer is forced to eat they will receive a penalty to MOOD.

Ok, not that big of a deal but can still be a pain. If I remember correctly, hunger usually drains slower than thirst, so that’s why I put this here.

Small Bladder – Pro Gamer’s bladder fills 50% faster than average.

I usually get two toilets so not a big deal, but don’t disregard this trait.

Slob – Pro Gamer’s HYGIENE drains 50% faster than average.

Not a very big deal, but if combined with Sensitive Nose it can be a problem.

Sensitive Nose – Receives a negetive penalty to MOOD whenever near a Pro Gamer with under 30% in HYGIENE.

Not very often will a player have this low of a HYGIENE level, and therefor this isn’t THAT bad.

– HUNGER drains 50% faster than average.

Okay, while this drains a stat faster I still beleive thirst is more impactful.

Thirsty – THIRSTY drains 25% faster than average.

I personally think I have this trait. Thirst drains fast so making it drain even faster is bad.

Fast Metabolism – HUNGER and ENERGY drains 5% faster than average.

Energy is a pain to take care of, but Lazy is more annoying.

Lazy – Makes boosts to ENERGY have 10% less effect.

Ugh, this one is a pain to deal with and should immediatly be rerolled.

Pessimist – Recieves 25% less boost to everything that possitively affects MOOD.

Similarl to Lazy, this should be immediatly rerolled.

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