SOS – Beginners Guide

A simple intro to some things to help you survive your time in the spotlight.

Welcome to the Island

So you’ve just joined, you’ve seen your fellow cast and are wonder where do I go from here? Well you’re in luck! The answer is quite simple, you have two options. You can A.) Team up with fellow cast, work through the hellish island and find that relic. Or you can B.) Lone wolf it, hide in the shadows and cut down your fellow cast taking the fame for yourself. Most of you will choose A but that doesn’t mean some won’t choose B.

Getting Started

So you’ve loaded. Now what? First off look for fruits and mushrooms, these will help fight off infection and damage. We’ll get to that shortly. In S.O.S. your voice and personality are a fairly large weapon in a sense, voice is proximity and being liked helps you not get instantly killed by a fellow player.
The default push to talk key is C before going into a game I highly recommend looking over the controls and getting to know your layout or personalizing it. My first game I had no idea how to talk or interact and ended up beating someone with a skull. (Intersting intro to the game but a fun one.)

Customizing your cast member! Probably one of the nicer features in this game is the ability to pick from a group of people and slightly change them to fit your preferences, from gestures to hair styles, hair color and clothing. Unless you wanna jump into a default character this is a place to spend some time.

Your main course of action is to find the relic, a object hidden within the ruins of the island(at least where I found it) Once you have this and a flare gun you can signal the helicoptor for evac.


You’ve got a fairly decent list of weapons from what I’ve managed to find so far. Skulls can be used as blunt force objects. Axes and knives for gashing your target and even handguns.

Holding the Left Mouse Button will let you charge a powerful attack, sneaking up behind someone and bashing them in the back of the head with a strong attack will do quite well if I do say so myself.
Pressing it normally will cause you to quickly slash or swing depending on the weapon. Right Mouse Button will let you guard. Trust me it helps.

Handguns have limited ammo and generate a ton of noise which will cause two things to happen.

  • Your position will be compromised.
  • You will alert nearby NPC enemies that will now flock to you and proceed to maul your face.

Right Mouse Button will let you aim from a hipfire perspective with a crosshair helping you line up those soon to be montage headshot kills.

Left Mouse Button will obviously shoot your gun. (Tip!: Killing NPC enemies will sometimes drop a bag which contains two bullets. Pay attention to these, it could mean your life.)

Healing Items

You have several healing items at your disposal once you find them.


These little guys sit at the base of most trees or in urns if you’re lucky to find one. They’re yellow so they’re fairly hard to miss.

Med kits

Yep you can find medkits that will take some time to use but the payoff is quite nice.


These things are to cure the infection, remember I said we’d cover that later? If you find one, save it. You can be infected for a decent amount of time before you really need it.


Much like the needle will help fend off the infection, personally I have seen that it doesn’t cure but will prolong your life before it takes hold.


Alright the fun part. NPC’s in this game are from what I’ve found two seperate entities.

The “Zombies”

I have no idea what they actually are, but you can see them roaming around, hiding in bushes and waiting around the corner to try to eat your face. If they do manage to get in combat with you there’s an obvious weakness. Their face. There seems to be three kinds. A smaller thinner one which can be taken down in a few melee hits with your fist. A larger one that is more agressive, recommend a knife or axe, guns can take these down in two shots to the head but be careful of the noise. And a large red skinned one. While I’ve never personally fought this one I’ve watched a group do it before I kill them and took their stuff. Simple put this guy preferrably should be shot repeatedly in the head.

The Chopper

This is a helicoptor that will fly around the island watching over your progress. Should you find a flairgun you can signal it for a supply drop(which is voted on by the fans) or extraction if you have a relic.

Tips and Warnings

Some little helpful things that will help you along the way.


Cars can be broken into to obtain nice items, you can open the back of a car silently or bust the windows and set off the alarm. Setting off the alarm will be similar to that of shooting a gun, it alerts all around to your location.

Powered gates

These will block off what appear to be camps, containing healing items, ammo and weapons.

The infection

Alright we finally made it to this. As you get into combat you will face off against a threat. The Zombies will hit you and they will infect you. If you let the infection go on too long you will turn and attack your fellow cast. So mushrooms to hold it off and needles to cure it and if you’re teaming with people. Let them know.

Your flashlight is default X while it can be helpful to see in the dark, it can be spotted from a mile away.

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