Legends of Ellaria – Basic Guidelines for City Management and Resources

This guide describes the basic guidelines for city management and resources.

How the City Generates Income

You start your game with the following income points:

  • Gold Income: 2
  • Wood Income: 1
  • Iron Income: 2
  • Riftstone Income: 1

Every in- game hour, you gain the following:

  • Gold: [Income points] x [Number of houses]
  • Wood: [Income points] x [Number of houses]

Every in game day (at 6pm), you gain the following:

  • Iron: [Income points] x [Number of houses] x 5
  • Riftstone: [Income points]

So if you have five houses, and didn’t build anything, then after 24 in-game hours (one hour of gameplay), you would gain 240 gold, 120 wood, 50 iron and 1 Riftstone.

How to Boost Your City Income

To boost your economy, you can do the following:

  • Build more houses. Each house multiplies your income points for gold, wood, and iron
  • Build a tavern. The tavern increases your gold income by 1 point
  • Build a market. The market increases your gold, wood and iron income by 1 point each
  • Complete the “The Gold Mine” quest. This will gain you 2 points of gold income
  • Complete the “The Iron Mine” quest. This will gain you 2 points of iron income
  • Complete the “The Rift Mine” quest. This will gain you 2 points of Riftstone income
  • Complete “Riverside Village” and “The search for food”. This will increases the maximum number of houses you can build

* You can also find resources inside caves and dungeons

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