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Lost Sea - Survival Tips

Jul 5, 2016    
Lost Sea - Survival Tips

Developers have compiled a number of essential survival tips that might help you during your journey.

  • The harder the island, the bigger and more difficult it will be. A big island means more critters, and less crew, loot and tablets.
  • It pays to scavenge through bushes. Often they'll drop health restoring fruit and can act as a handy visual indicator of areas that have already been explored. 
  • The island inhabitants always keep the keys to locked doors nearby. Try searching in the same room as the door or in adjacent rooms. 
  • Not everything is as it seems. Some enemies will disguise themselves to ambush you, but if you look closely enough you can spot their tells. 
  • Tablets allow you to sail from 1 to 4 islands down the sailing screen. Certain upgrades can help you travel further and avoid rolling doubles. 
  • Can't find any dig spots? Pirates are known to bury their treasure in their hideouts. 
  • Use the camera to get a better view of your surroundings and spot any potential threats up ahead. Press R3/RS to re-center camera. 
  • Whatever hurts you also hurts critters. Try luring your enemies into traps or into each other's path of attack. 
  • Keep getting ambushed? Try looking for markings that might indicate a trap. 
  • The gold ring under your feet indicates that crew are in range. Be careful as any crew member too far away won't provide bonuses or follow the player.

Game:   Lost Sea