Aporia: Beyond The Valley – How to Get the Alchoholic Achievement

Alchoholic I – V

Consumed all the substance flasks in chapter I, II, III, IV, V

  • Where: One achievement in each chapter.
  • What: Interact with all the small vial-refilling flasks that are available in the corresponding chapter.

Here is the amount of flasks you need to consume for each chapter. Note that the large refill flasks do not count towards this achievement.

  • Chapter 1: 18
  • Chapter 2: 32
  • Chapter 3: 43
  • Chapter 4: 29
  • Chapter 5: 20

The following map indicates the position of all flasks on the in-game map. Please note that:

  • Positions for chapters 1, 2 and 5 may be difficult to read because locations are in different heights, e.g. the descent/ascent in chapter 1 and the tree houses in chapter 2;
  • The 6 flasks in the crystal mines of chapter 3 are not displayed with respect to their position because the map does not depict the layout of the mines; 1 flasks is hidden in the basement!
  • The cathedral with the amber beds that you first access in chapter 3 only contains 1 flask when you return in chapter 5;
  • The 9 remaining flasks of chapter 5 are in the area behind the Skull door of the amber bed cathedral: 1 in the ‘labyrinth’, 2 in the room with the Memory Marker, and the remaining 6 flasks are in the laboratory of the Warden of Death.

Aporia: Beyond The Valley - How to Get the Alchoholic Achievement

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