ELEX – Important Skills

Important Skills

Hit Points Upgrade

The hit points upgrade is a usefull pickup to make you not die as fast as you are used to. Since the combat system in Elex is a bit clumsy, you often find yourself dieing even against “beginners” creatures. This will definetly help you out.

Stamina Upgrade

The stamina upgrade is really nice and even more important. It won’t only help you run longer and make more actions in combat. You will make more damage as well. Hows that? Well, since your damage is increased per successful hit, and you will be making at least two more attacks before you run out of stamina, you will dish out tons of damage, without needing to skill strength or anything. And let’s be honest: You can make only three hits at the start of the game, before running out of stamina and then you have none left for parrieing incoming attacks., that sucks!

ELEX - Important Skills

Depending on the attributes you skill, you should think about putting some points into Intelligence to learn “Modify Weapons” and “Chemestry”, you will need a crafting trainer, e.g. Alrik.

ELEX - Important Skills

Modify Weapons

Will allow you to upgrade your weapons at a workbench (e.g. one is right next to the blacksmith in Edan). This will boost your weapon greatly. But keep in mind that the attributes for using that weapon will increase also! For example: If you have a weapon that uses around 30 strength, you can upgrade it and it might need 40. This is especially useful when you have already a weapon around 50 strength, but need something in between.


Chemestry will make your life alot easier when it comes down to crafting useful potions.

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