Bomber Crew – Beginners Guide

In this tutorial I would like to present and explain in the simplest way how to understand and play this game.

Mission and the Best Start

All credit goes to Mario!

  • You have plenty of time to start, so take advantage of it. Whenever I start my mission, I instruct the mechanic to bring ammunition (1 – 2 darts) to the front of the ship. This causes the man responsible for bombing or other person sitting behind the rifle to lose valuable time to walk through the entire ship to bring one round of ammunition and not leave the front of the ship unmanned. 
  • Prepare a bombardment position immediately, select the right bombs or wrestling to suit you, as in the previous case, give you time, the only thing you need to do is open the clap and click the “dump” 
  • If your plane is in good condition or you say you can still manage to do another target, make a photos, for doing it you will leave 500 – 1000 £

Improving Aircraft

In my personal opinion it is better to go in heavy armor and have a strong gun. Why? Why are you a quick bomber, since you’re still shooting fighter jets, you can not escape them. It is better to be hard to beat and to be best armed.

  • Armor: Everywhere Heavy 
  • Engines: It is not worth taking armor because they too inflated the weight of the aircraft. Better to go in the basics.
    However, if the scale is too large and the motors are on a basic level, change the exterior to light and leave the interior on the inside. 
  • Shelving equipment: *From left

1 Shelf: 1 parachute, 2 first aid kit.
2 Shelf: 2 first aid kit and 1 parachute or if you do not have fire extinguishers in engines first aid kit, fire extinguisher and parachute.
3 Shelf: 3 parachutes.
4 Shelf: 2 parachutes, 1 first aid kit.

  • Survival: Pontons and pigeons at the maximum level 
  • Rifles: Always on the highest level but usually leave the rear with the feeder, but when the X4 rifle turns, replace it and, in the next modifications, give it to the feeder.

Crew Equipment

  • Scorers: Armor -Heavy Armor, They are slow but it is important to live long to protect the rest of the crew, with the rest in case of evacuation have 2 parachutes next and exit 
  • Mechanic: Armor – Life jacket, sneakers and pilot’s cap – The mechanic should be quick to move quickly through the ship in the event of an accident. Life jacket is just a chance to recover it when it falls ( they only work on water 🙂 ) 
  • Pilot: Armor -Heavy Armor, The pilot must be hard, unless someone has to hold the rudder 
  • Radiotelephone and Navigator: Armor – The heaviest they can be, They are an important part of a unit, they can not die at all. 
  • Bombing: Heavy armor or medium weight armor – After all, it is at the head of the hit. Medium weight armor is supposed to give him time to escape during the evacuation.

Additional skills

  • Scorers: first aid – They have to help out there in the back 
  • Mechanic: shooting – In my opinion it is a good option because usually after bombing I remove it from the front gun and give it to the bottom 
  • Navigator: first aid – it is next to the pilot so he will quickly heal and the pilot will immediately take control
  • Radiooperator: navigation – If someone decides to die, he must replace him and he judges that it is the right option
  • Pilot: first aid – When it gets hot she will be able to help anyone 
  • Bomber man: shooting – is right next to the shotgun c that will be fast and multi-functional

Achieving the Ceiling and Flight Height

For most of my campaigns I usually flew on the lowest level, rarely changing it. However, there were occasions that I was forced to change my ceiling to medium. During fire by FLAK, I changed my ceiling to medium, this caused me to be less hit by it. The highest ceiling caused that they did not reach the plane at all.

The altitude of the flight does not affect the visibility of the aircraft, and fighters will attack anyway

However, you can not fly too long on the highest ceiling because it is cold there, causing the crew to die. The average and the highest ceiling is good for evacuations. This gives a lot of time for the crew to escape.


  • If you see that you have very little fuel and you feel that you will not fly to the airport, you will spread the crew out.
    Commit to jump out the best at the beginning, if you are sure the pilot will die while landing, change him to a worse crew member, personally recommend the navigator (little to lose his skill is just changing the flight course) 
  • If both engines are cut on one side, the fuel should be poured over the wing with the engine running. This will give you more time to get back and fight 
  • It can also be a case that the broken engine from the inside loses the chassis – in this case you break the evacuation that there is little chance that you will land.
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