Deceit – Tips for New Infected Players

Tips for new infected players to deceit, those who are interested in fun ways to play infected.

So you Wanna Be an Infected?

So, you wanna be an infected, huh? Well too bad, you have no choice in the matter. Whether or not you wanted to be infected or not, you’re stuck with it. So. What do you do?

Newcomers to the game will generally have a hard time playing as an infected player for many reasons.

Deceit - Tips for New Infected Players

  • They are too obvious. Alot of times these new players like to drink blood in the open, where people can see them, or are not aware of how loud the blood may be.
  • They are scared. They are scared of trying to go for blood for fear of being caught, so they just play as if they are innocent and try nothing. I’ll be honest, I fell into this category my first few games. 
  • They don’t realize what infected can and can not do. For example, destroying traps or drinking blood, and instantly give themselves away.
  • They try to deceive the others…horribly. They are just terrible liars. Nothing really more to say on it. 

So, what can you do to fix these problems?

Ways to Play

Playing as an infected can be hard. You have to play mind games with the people you’re playing with in an attempt to shift the blame onto someone else, or keep them in the dark entirely.

Talking about this is hard, because everyone is different, and so they are all going to play differently. I’ll try going over the most common playstyles I see.

The Passive: This guy often chats with people about things in game or things unrelated to it. He’s the type of guy you wouldn’t expect being an infected unless you caught him red handed. Be wary.

The Silent: This guy never talks, probably because he doesn’t have a mic. Sometimes you won’t expect him, but most of the time he will get caught doing something suspicious. But surprisingly this dude tends to use his silence to his advantage, and can often win games. However, I can not stress this enough: GET A MIC IF YOU WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME. This game is all about communication and deceiving others through that communication. Without one, you will be screwed.

The Deceiver: This dude knows what he’s doing. If you’re against him, there’s a good chance you won’t find him out. He often communicates with his teammate, often placing blame on people, even saying things he did was actually done by someone else. This dude will screw your mind.

The Hoarder: This guy will make it a point to take EVERYTHING from the innocents, while at the same time making him seem innocent. If the innocents need an antidote? He already has it. If they want to scan with with the inspection kit? He already has it. This dude is the BIGGEST nuisance to an innocent team, and even innocents do this. This makes him seem suspicious, but not enough to immediately assume he’s infected.

The Obvious Murderer: This dude probably gets caught red-handed murdering someone as infected. Whether it be he transformed in front of a group or de-transformed at the wrong time, he is usually found out. However, often these people are great at hiding from groups, so usually he can go on killing sprees all the time. Most of the time, this person has a 50/50 chance to win.

Out of all these playstyles, I personally am a mix between the deceiver and the hoarder.

Tips and Tricks

Now that I’ve gone over some common playstyles, I’d like to teach you about certain tips and tricks to fool enemies as an infected. Some of these can prevent you from being heard when drinking, or completely shift an arguement about who is infected.

SHOOTING WHILE DRINKING: I don’t often see this used, but I personally use it all the time. An easy way to cover up the sound of you drinking is to fire a shot as you drink blood. This paired with the perk “Quiet Quencher” can make you almost silent when drinking.

KEEP TRACK OF SURROUNDING PEOPLE: When playing as an infected, any time a player begins to run, the infected see an outline of that character. Use this to your advantage. Always. From there on, it’s common sense not to drink when you see people in a nearby room, but try and distance yourself from the group when you go to drink. Try not to distance yourself too often, it’s suspicious.

INSPECTION KIT TRICK: Something that is very commonly done is infected using the inspection kit. Why do they do this? The inspection kit is an easy way to take blame off, or shift the blame to someone. Inspecting your infected partner and saying “Alright, they’re innocent.” usually keeps people off of you. However, some people have caught on to this, so be careful. Another way is by scanning an innocent and saying “This one is infected, vote him.” This works often, but if these people are in a group, then it can be hard to persuade them. Be careful, because if they have no reason to believe you, they will most likely gun you down.

BLUFFING: During the blackout when you transform, an easy way to persuade people is by saying “Someone transformed, get away.” or something along those lines. Or, you could say “Guys, help he’s chasing me!” Which could lead them off the scent for a while.

CALL OUT: When drinking blood bags, you could call out that there is blood missing. Some people become wary of you if you see blood missing but do not mention it.

SHIFTING THE BLAME: If someone sees you drink blood, a way to shift the blame is to flip it on them. Say that they drank the blood, and INSIST that they were lying. This doesn’t always work, so only try and do this if people are already unsure of someone’s innocence.

Ways to Counteract Common Problems

Finally, I’d like to go over ways to counteract the common problems I mentioned in the first section.

  • They are too obvious. An easy way to counteract that is to watch closely on the outline of players. If that doesn’t help you, try not to speak unless you absolutely have to. Sometimes silence is helpful for you. 
  • They are scared. Again, watch the outlines of characters. Take risks, it will benefit you. 
  • They don’t realize what infected can and can not do. Research this, learn about what automatically shows the innocents you are infected. Because if you are caught doing these things, it’s game over. 
  • They try to deceive others…horribly. If you are playing infected, and you feel like it’s time to accuse someone, NEVER just randomly pick someone. You have to be watching what’s happening, and what everyone is saying. Be cautious of who they are suspicious of, because you can use their distrust of that person to your advantage. This whole game is about lying. Lie to them in the most convincing way possible.

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