Cuphead – How to Beat Djimmi the Great

How to beat Djimmi the Great (boss) from Cuphead.

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Tips Before Fighting

Before fighting Djimmi, I would go talk to the oil head guy (whatever you want to call him). He will equip your plane with bombs for future battles. I didn’t need the bombs to beat Djimmi, but they do come in handy if you decide to use them.
With that said, let’s get into the guide!

Phase One

Djimmi’s first phase’s difficulty depends on what projectiles you get at the start. I personally think the knifes are the easiest to dodge, and the treasure being the hardest (leaving the cats in the middle). If you get the treasure, try to move up and down a lot to create big gaps that you can go through. If you get the cats, wait until the cat opens up then try to slip through the biggest gap in the mini cats. Don’t be afraid to become smaller. If you get the knifes, just go round each one when you come at you. Try to parry all the pink projectiles if you can.

Phase Two

In phase two you must shoot and get through pillars while avoiding moving saws. It’s pretty easy. Shoot the pillar blocks with faces until they blow up. Go through the pillar slowly, as there will be a constantly moving saw on the other side. Wait for the saw to get somewhere safe, then destroy the next face block as fast as you can before the saw comes. If a pillar has 2 face blocks, choose either the closest or the safest. Repeat this and you’ll eventually get to the end.

Phase Three

In this phase you’ll have to fight a sarcophagus. This phase is really easy! Try to dodge or kill the ghosts that come out of the portal, and follow the red head that’s inside the portal (I’m going to assume it’s Djimmi, since we’re fighting him and he’s red). When Djimmi lauches his eyeballs at you, wait for them to make a big gap then go through the gap. Just keep doing this and you’ll soon finish the phase.

Phase Four

This phase is the hardest in my opinion, but don’t let that worry you. To insure that this phase takes up very little time, use a full super meter at the start of the phase. The beggining is easy. Dodge the hat and the puppet. In a few seconds the puppet will start to shoot at you. Avoid the blue ones and try to parry the pink to recharge your super for the next phase. The hat will also shoot projectiles, sotry to dodge those. Turn small if you need to. Also, don’t go too far towards the puppet, because his shots are creating a somewhat shield for him. Keep up all these steps and the phase will be over in no time!

Final Phase

In Djimmi’s final phase, you must take on a giant version of himself. This phase is quite difficult, as you must dodge Djimmi’s hat laser and the lasers from the pyramids. At the start, go to the top of the screen, then when the hat laser comes go to the bottom. By now one pyramid should be shooting it’s laser. Make sure to stay in the corner of the laser you are currently in. Also, make sure to use your super when it’s fully recharged. Keep this up and You’ll be done with Djimmi in no time!

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