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EmergeNYC - Quarters Locations and Map Orientation

Written by Hwyranger   /   Oct 31, 2017    
EmergeNYC - Quarters Locations and Map Orientation

This EmergeNYC guide is to help members of this community in orientating themselves to the Fire House Quarters locations and street design in response to calls for service.


EmergeNYC is located in an adjusted scaled map of New York City's borough of Manhatten. Within the FDNY there are five (5) Fire house otherwise known as Quarters. These Quarters are home to the four (4) Engine Companies, E30, E32, E49 & E78, three (3) Ladder or Truck Companies, L66, L68 (Tower Ladder) & L75 (Truck/Tiller), One (1) Squad Company 28, One (1) Rescue Company and Battalion 5.

Map Orientation

The borough of Manhatten is an Island and makes up 1 of 5 boroughs in New York City. Geographically Manhatten looks like an index finger slightly bent at the tip. It is a north / south aliegned island and for simplicity keeping in with the scaling of the game map is divided into three sections.

The three sections are as follows with some but not all of the known districts in Manhatten. They are,


Typically when traveling south or below 42nd Street. This includes, but not limited to the following districts of:

  • Lower Manthatten
  • East Village
  • Greenwich Village
  • Tribeca
  • Soho


In essence anything from 42nd Street north (actually 34th Street) to 59th Street (actually 57th Street).


Typically when traveling north or above 59th Street. This includes, but not limited to the following districts of:

  • Central Park
  • Upper West Side
  • Upper East Side
  • Harlem
  • Upper Manhatten

The Roadways

The Roadway layout of Manhatten is a grid system with the vast majority of roadways being Oneway (OW) in design. So in finding ones way though the busy streets while responding to a call, one needs to know which direction these numerous roadways run.

So, the basics are, all northbound / southbound roadways are numbered STREETS and all eastbound / westbound roadways are numbered AVENUES. There are a few exceptions to this rule such has the section in Downtown, specifically south of Vessar and E.Houston Streets. Another area is the north/south roadways Uptown on the Upper West Side. (I shall decribe these streets below)

Begininng with the North / South Avenues from FDR Drive traveling west, north of Vessar and E. Houston Streets to West Street there are:

  • 2nd Ave. OW South (Approx 5 blocks) 
  • 3rd Ave. OW North (Approx 7 blocks. 90 degree left turn at north end) 
  • 5th Ave. OW South (Runs entire length of Island. South of E.Houston St turns into Broad Street) 
  • 6th Ave. OW North (Runs entire length of Island. South of Vessar St turns into Church Street which is a two way street)
  • 7th Ave. OW South (Runs into the south end of Central Park (CP) and continues north of the park to 128th Street.
  • 8th Ave. OW North (starts in the Greenwich Village area of Downtown 7 blocks south of 42nd Street. Runs north until the south end of CP west. At which point turns into Central Park West.) 
  • Central Park West OW North (runs the length of the park until 125th Street where the roadway turns into Powell Blvd.) 
  • Powell Blvd continues and terminates at the end of the map at 128th Street. 
  • 9th Ave OW South (intersect West St at the south end and changes into West End Ave at 59th Street) 
  • West End Ave OW South ( runs from 59th Street to 128th Street) 

Both the FDR and West Street are multi-lane north / south roadways. Also West Street turns into Riverside Side Drive north of 59th Street to 128th Street.

Starting at the north end of the island 128th Street traveling clockwise the connecting roadways bordering the island are, 128th Street, FDR, South St (Lower Manhatten), Battery Park Tunnel east entrance (Lower Manhatten), Battery Park Tunnel west entrance (Lower Manhatten), West Street, Riverside Drive to the beginning of 128th Street.

Beginning with the East / West Streets starting Downtown and continuing north to 128th Street the following are main east / west two way Streets which run the entire width of the island from the FDR to West Street/ Riverside Drive.

Vessar Street which turns into E. Houston Street at or around 5th Ave. 42nd Street, 59th Street, 125th Street and 128th Street.

Note all other east /west streets are ONEWAY with exception to Lower Manhatten south of Vessar /E. Houston Streets.

The following Streets or Place in Lower Manhatten south of Vessar and E. Houston Street are Battery Park Tunnel, State Street, South Street, Battery Place are east/west streets. Church Street, Broadway, Lafayette Street, Broad Street, Water Street are north/south streets. Most are oneway with a few exceptions.

The street of main portion of Broadway is a north / south roadway which begins at the south end of CP near 59th Street continues south crossing 7th Ave (Times Square) and terminates two blocks south of 42nd Street. There are portions of Broadway which traffic is not allowed.

FDNY Companies and Quarters

There are five quarters housing the 10 FDNY units which form the 5th Battalion. The following quarters are located at:

  • Engine 32, Ladder 66 and Battalion 5- located in Lower Manhatten, south of Vessar St. Between Broadway and Lafayette Street (Grand St).
  • Squad 28 located in the Downtown Area Greenwich Village west of 7th Ave. and approximately two blocks north of Vessar St. (look far the Triangle west of 7th). 
  • Engine 49, Tower Ladder 68 located in the Downtown Area of the Village on Marcus between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. 
  • Engine 78, Rescue 9 located in the Upper West side of Uptown, west of Central Park (mid section) and just west of 8th Ave.
  • Engine 30, and Ladder 75 (Truck/Tiller) located Uptown Area of Harlem on 125th Street east of 6th Ave.

MTA Subway Locations

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is New York City's sub-way system. The MTA, at this point is underground thus far and there are four entrance/exit locations. All of these locations are within the Time Square / Broadway area of town.

There are two located at the corners of: 6th Avenue and 42nd Street and 7th Avenue and 41st Street.

The remaining two entrance/exit locations are located at mid-block on 43rd Street bewteen 6th and Broadway and 44th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues.

Game:   EmergeNYC
Written by Hwyranger.