LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Character Cheat Codes

There are lots of different Characters in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Some of them can be available from the very start but the other ones you must unlock during the game. It can be done after completing your Story mode or you need to buy them. You’ll be able to get your favorite character without buying and instantly with help of these Character Cheat Codes.

You have to insert the necessary cheat code in the screen
if you need to unlock any character. You must pause your game, go to the
and enter the chosen Code. And just enjoy your new character.

List of Character Cheat Codes

  • Caluan Ematt – 26F2CF
  • Cheif Petty Officer Unamo – 2DZXDM
  • FN-2112 -4T3UNK
  • FN-2187 (Helmetless) – 3RRVAV
  • GTAW-74 (Geetaw) – 2YU4NX
  • Special Forces TIE Pilot – 59J67X
  • Trentus Savay – 638FNX
  • Kaydel Ko Connix – 9FJKF4
  • Quinar – A4EHFJ
  • Monn Tatth – A5JR9V
  • R-3PO – BEMT2T
  • Dasha Promenti – BJZA6F
  • Crokind Shand – BQPKPA
  • Guavian Security Soldier – C73CNV
  • Teedo – CP6ETU
  • Hobin Carsamba – E889GQ
  • Mi’no Teest – GBE8ZC
  • Officer Sumistu – GVNBWB
  • Snap Wexley – HTN3RD
  • Wollivan – J3GMHE
  • Oskus Stooratt -K6JXJT
  • Flametrooper – LRYUBB
  • Korr Sella – NGSEKH
  • Nien Nunb – P8KXSA
  • Major Brance – Q8KRC6
  • B-U4D – QLLJXD
  • Goss Toowers – QZTZX9
  • Jessika Pava – SBUSCW
  • Hoogenz – V3H6RU
  • R2-Q5 – VVVSEA
  • Lieutenant Bastian – XQZ7C6
  • Unkar Thug – YABPYU

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