The Witches’ Tea Party – Achievements and Sidequests Guide

Story Achievements

The Beginning
Complete the Prologue

The Culprit is… You!
Complete Chapter 1

The Hourglass
Complete Chapter 2

Complete Chapter 3

Curses and Promisses
Complete Chapter 4

You will get these by simply playing the game to its end. None are missable.


Achieve the Normal Ending

You will get this one by default if you don’t do what’s needed for the True Ending.

To the Future
Achieve the True Ending

After you see the scene with Irina and Evangeline near the snow cottage, don’t go to the door, but exit to the south to return to Xaviera’s room. Interact with the hourglass to go to the snow village and find Sniechek in the labyrinth (I got to her by going west, north, south, west, west, east, south and then north but that’s probably not an optimal route). After you talk to her, use the hourglass again to return to the cottage, then proceed to finish the game.

Game Over
9/9 ways to die

Find all Dead Ends. They’re basically Game Over screens.

  • 01. ??? (I couldn’t find that one)
  • 02. Try to calm the brooms in the library.
  • 03. Try to jump over the hole in the library.
  • 04. Two ways to get this one, both in the library. After using the piece of paper on the pile of numbers, interact with column 3 of bookcase V. Alternatively, fail to put the misplaced books back where they belong.
  • 05. In Mirabell’s room, use blue sugar on the cloud machine.
  • 06. Get caught by the ghost dresses when they chase you in Mirabell’s realm.
  • 07. Get caught by Mirabell when she chases you. You can also get this when you fail to confront Mirabell and don’t run away (when Evangeline isn’t with you), but it’s way easier to get caught during the chase.
  • 08. When hiding from the ghost dresses in Mirabell’s realm, get out of the closet ASAP. Alternatively, just let the timer run out.
  • 09. When hiding from the ghost dresses in Mirabell’s realm, never leave the closet. You can’t get this if you’re with Evangeline, as she’ll just kick you out of it.

Collect 7/7 bad endings

Find all Bad Ends. They’re different from Dead Ends in that they will feature black-and-white artwork and a staff roll.

  • 01. Fail to resolve Renee’s case.
  • 02. In the library, select a wrong answer when confronted with Renee’s true form.
  • 03. Fail to confront Mirabell, then run away. You get this if Evangeline is not with you.
  • 04. Fail to confront Mirabell when Evangeline is in your party.
  • 05. ??? (I couldn’t find that one)
  • 06. Let Andrea kill Evangeline.
  • 07. Fail to confront Evangeline.


The Starry Sky
Join the pajama party

Invite Stephanie and Mirabell to Renee’s party before time runs out. If you don’t enter any other characters’ rooms, you can do this and you still have time to go see Cathy at the bar on the first floor to get the recipe for Ultimate Juice.

The First Victory
Let Vanessa win all mini games

During the “Legend of Zero” sidequest, let Vanessa win all three games. Choose scissors in RPS, the rightmost card in Old Maid, and let the timer run out during Hide and Seek. Save before this as you only get one chance, she won’t let you play a second time like Renee did.

An Unexpected Journey
Evangeline joins the party

Go see Evangeline in her room before going into Mirabell’s room, and she’ll tag along. Sadly she won’t do much apart from being grouchy.

The End of all Nightmares
Farewell, Mirabell

After confronting Mirabell, run away with her and choose to let her die.

The Traveller
Go travelling around the world!

When talking to Sniechek during the True Ending route, ask her about her wishes, then tell her she should travel.


That’s Helpful!
Completed all the side quests

You need to complete them all in one playthrough. There are 13 sidequests in the game, you can get a bit of info about them in the Extra Room.

All the following achievements are awarded for completing sidequests, so you should get them all while going for “That’s Helpful!”.

Light the Darkness
Help Cathy repair the lamp

Finish “The Broken Lamp”.

Tomato Hater
Why do I have to do this?!

Finish “Tomato Lover.”

The Room Service
For Vanessa

Finish “Vanessa’s Breakfast”.

Unnecessary Feelings
Help Andrea do the cleaning

Finish “Unnecessary Feelings”.

The Foreign Friend
Complete all the quests from Xaviera

Finish “Home Sweet Home” and “The Most Delicious”.

The Silent Witch
Complete all the quests from Stephanie

Finish “Silent Stephanie” and “Another Language”. Weirdly enough, you don’t need to finish “Cat Lovers, Dog Lovers”.

The Eternal Darkness
Find out everything about Renee

Finish “Invitations”, “The Forgotten Rabbit”, “The Unbeatable Renee” and “The Eternal Darkness”.

Sidequest List

Chapter 1

You can access those as soon as you can talk to the characters who give those quests. You need to finish them ASAP, otherwise they’ll be failed.

The Broken Lamp

Reward: Parchment
Talk to Cathy again after she gives you the key to your room, then find the spare lamp parts (one in the pantry, one in the cupboard under the stairs leading to the first floor).

Tomato Lover

Reward: Recipe 1 – Passion Tomato, Recipe 8 – The Tomato – Potato Compromise
Talk to Marilyn in the Dinner Room and get her a tomato juice. You can make one in the kitchen.


Reward: Giant Chocolate Bear
Not technically a sidequest, but I’ll list it here anyway since it’s possible to fail it. Answer Renee’s question about rabbits and bears (the answer is 2, but if you keep answering wrong you’ll get a couple CGs). Invite Stephanie and Mirabell to Renee’s afterparty. If you don’t go into anybody else’s room, you still have time to go see Cathy in the bar (first floor, third door) and get the Ultimate Juice recipe from her.

Chapter 2

WARNING: You can access these after you wake up the second day. You have to complete them before entering Andrea’s room.

Vanessa’s Breakfast

Reward: Recipe 2 – Espresso Croissant
Simply bring Vanessa her breakfast from the kitchen.

Silent Stephanie

Reward: Silent Music Box
Talk to Stephanie, Marilyn, then Stephanie again.

Home Sweet Home

Reward: Spicy Cookies
Get Xaviera items for her room. You can find them in the cupboard below the stairs (where the spare lamp parts were), in the kitchen (cake stand) and in the pantry. Thievery always pays.

Chapter 2

WARNING: You can access these after you come back from the library. Don’t rush to Xaviera’s room or you’ll lock yourself out of those three quests.

Unnecessary Feelings

Rewards: Green Tea Powder, Heart Shaped Tree
Ask Andrea what’s wrong and tidy up the library. Don’t forget the green book hidden behind bookcase 2. There is ample time to get a puzzle piece from the clock, check the mirror for the related achievement, and get the cat back afterwards.

The Forgotten Rabbit

Reward: Strawberry
Ask Renee (she’s in the garden) about her rabbit, then find him in the entry hall. Bring it back to Renee (not Andrea) if you want to get her last quest.

Cat Lovers, Dog Lovers (Hidden)

Rewards: Cat Lovers – Dog Lovers CG, Skull
Talk to Stephanie first (then talk to her again to get Charlotte’s opinion on the matter), and ask everyone about their opinion on cats and dogs. Ask Xaviera last, as you’ll fail the quest if you exit her room without having asked everyone else. Go back to Stephanie during next chapter to get the Skull.

Chapter 3

WARNING: You can access these after you return her hourglass to Xaviera. This is starting to get obvious, but you should do these quests before entering Mirabell’s room.

The Unbeatable Renee (Hidden)

Revard: Renee’s Cards
In the garden, defeat Renee in her 3 games. It’s pretty random but you can retry as many times as you want.

The Legend of Zero (Hidden)

Reward: Parchment
Let Vanessa win at Renee’s games. If she wins all 3, you’ll get the achievement “The First Victory”. See this achievement for details on how to do it.

The Most Delicious

Reward: Recipe 4 -Passion from the Sea
Simply ask Xaviera for a recipe, then go make it in the kitchen and bring her the food back.

Chapter 4

WARNING: Blah blah you know the drill now. Do these after you come out of Mirabell’s room, and before triggering the final confrontation.

The Eternal Darkness (Hidden)

Reward: The Witch Room
Talk to Renee’s rabbit twice in the garden. Feed the person you meet next with whatever you want until she’s not hungry anymore. Be sure to include something made from strawberries to get Recipe 5 – Strawberry Spaghetti.

Another Language

Reward: Stephanie’s Music Box
Talk to Stephanie. Get vines from the potion room, wood from Evangeline’s room, refine the vines in the potion room then combine the two together to make a lute. Give it to Stephanie.


The Mirrors
Check the 4 mirrors

  • 01. As soon as you enter the library, on the wall to the left.
  • 02. On the wall during the “Unnecessary Feelings” sidequest. 
  • 03. In Mirabell’s realm, in the room where you have to hide from the ghost dresses. Don’t forget to look into it before breaking it.
  • 04. In Mirabell’s realm, after the memory game. You have to interact with it anyway since you get the key to the next room from it.

The Novice Chef
Cook 5 dishes

Just a stepping stone towards the next one, it’s pretty easy to get. You can’t make the same food twice, but you can get it quickly with just the tomatoes and potatoes from the kitchen.

The Golden Chef
Cook all 30 dishes

  • 1) Tomato Juice 
  • 2) Diced Tomato 
  • 3) Fried Tomato
  • 4) Passion Tomato
  • 5) Borscht
  • 6) Lemon Tea 
  • 7) Lemon Juice 
  • 8) Lemon Cookie
  • 9) Passion Lemon Juice
  • 10) French Fries
  • 11) Classic Potato Mash
  • 12) Caramel Potato Mash
  • 13) Jacket Potato
  • 14) Matcha Latte
  • 15) Matcha Pudding
  • 16) Matcha Cookie
  • 17) Matcha Ramen
  • 18) Espresso
  • 19) Latte
  • 20) Espresso Croissant
  • 21) Frost Strawberry
  • 22) Caramel Strawberry
  • 23) Strawberry Cookie
  • 24) Strawberry Spaghetti
  • 25) Blueberry Yogurt
  • 26) Blueberry Cake
  • 27) Eyeball Jelly
  • 28) Grilled Squid
  • 29) Spicy Seafood Cookie
  • 30) Squid Ink Spaghetti

Puzzle Pieces
Collected all the pieces

There are 3 puzzles of 12 pieces each (“Oil Painting”, “Music”, and “Adventure”). The easiest way to get this is to play the game a second time, as they’ll get highlighted. You need to go for the True Ending to get this achievement, since some pieces are in the last area.

Collect all the gifts

You get most of them by completing sidequests. Apparently you don’t need the rewards from the hidden sidequests to get this achievement, but it might be a bug.

  • Vanessa’s Painting: Unmissable, story related
  • Giant Chocolate Bear: Finish “Invitations”
  • Silent Music Box: Finish “Silent Stephanie”
  • Spicy Cookies: Finish “Home Sweet Home”
  • Heart Shaped Plant: Finish “Unnecessary Feelings” while getting the cat
  • Fish Cushion: Finish “Most Delicious”
  • Stephanie’s Music Box: Finish “Another Language”
  • The Pink Room: After confronting Mirabell, run away with her.
  • The Witch Room (hidden): Finish “The Eternal Darkness”
  • Renee’s Cards (hidden): Finish “The Unbeatable Renee”
  • Cat Lovers / Dog Lovers CG (hidden): Finish “Cat Lovers, Dog Lovers”
  • Skull (hidden): Return to Stephanie after “Cat Lovers, Dog Lovers”


Save the World
Save 50 times

Pretty self-explanatory. Your number of saves is carried on during multiple playthroughs so you don’t have to save 50 times at the same spot to get this.

Extra Extra
Enter the Character Gallery in Extra

Just finish the game with the True Ending to unlock the door in the Extra Room.

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