Call of Duty: WWII – How to Play Multiplayer Better than Before

This simple guide will help you increase your skill in multiplayer, without any drop of sweat.

First Steps

Firstly calm down, no one start play like a top player from birth.

Dont worry about overall K/D, the game is not about it.

  • Watch KillCam videos every time, it will help you understand game mechanics.
  • Choose your most favourite starting weapon, I recommend STG44/M1 Grand/ Mountain class/ PPSh/ Waffe.
  • Dont worry about damage, dont run from it, start gunfight, even in darkest sky there is a ray of light.
  • Forget about toxic people, they dont play better than you.
  • Be closer to teammates.
  • If you still worry about K/D play war mode, there is no stats for it.
  • Play with default key bindings, that will help you, slide crouch only works with defaults.
  • Dont forget about trying to use enemy weapon.
  • And, once again, dont concentrate too much, have fun, be enough concentrated and relaxed in one time.
  • If you too tired play War mode.
  • Dont use hate while playing, sometime after it will eat you from inside.

Steps Further

Once you start playing better dont forget about to be more cautious. Even if you win most of gunfights there is still could be a bigger fish.

  • Start to listen enemy steps.
  • Change you mouse sensetivity for your need.
  • Dont forget about relaxing some time.
  • Play in private session with players from community.
  • Some times after you will became one of the most top players.

Call of Duty: WWII - How to Play Multiplayer Better than Before

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